Thank You!


Dear (please insert your name here),

Thank. You. Thanks. To. You. This right here, this moment right now. This is life. It is all that is happening, it is its ups and downs, it is the way things fall, the way things roll, the way we create our own paths.

This, right here, right now, it is life at its finest. And I want to say, I want to show, I want to behold the power of being thankful. By now, you know me quite well, you know me well enough to know I´ve been out and about, I have been doing my best to keep going, I have been there and done all that.

You know me well enough to know that I will still keep continue dreaming, keep on creating and giving you the best of me. As I appreciate all the sights of the world, as I feel the love around me, as I want to make my world grow, I stand before you writing the following words: Thank you for your comments, thank you for your wise words too, thank you for tuning in, thank you for being there all along, thank you for sharing and coming each and every time.

On one hand, making more precise choices of what I am surround myself with, for example: people who lift me higher, a job that focuses on what makes me the happiest, fulfilling my dreams, going after my goals, designing my life the way I want and all those many beautiful things. On the other hand, I am at crossroads, wondering where to take life, peeling off scars and taking off masks while I make those same choices. It´s once more, for the third time this year, hello to new changes and schedules. Hello to a whole new set of workload, hello to doing the best I can exploring a new field while I maintain my own here with you. And it feels real, it feels wonderful, it feels life worthy to share, to explore, to let go… here I am with you, one more time.

So, thank you, thank you today and every day, thank you. For always being there with the best of intentions, with honest words, wanting to share your own world with me and wanting to explore life together. This Thanksgiving day, like it is every day for me, being thankful for everything I have, I share with you the greatest of joys. Being thankful to you. Because you are a joy to have. May our paths be filled with more happy stories.

Have Thanksgiving goodies and let the good times roll!


And more Thankful arts and crafts too!! 🙂

What are you thankful for?

Thank you for reading,

Ariadna Arredondo  – The Always Believer

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