Put a smile on that face

Hello there lovely ones,

I am here once again to make sure you get the best smile on your face.

Here I go!

Remember, no matter how tough it may seem, how low that beat might be sounding, you are strong. You are strong. There we go. You have made it through a lot more than you can remember at this moment. This is the time for you to realize that you are able to do so much more. You can overcome this, you can come up stronger because you are. Because you can.

Be happy in anything you do. No matter what has happened in the past, be happy for this moment, for this instance, for this peace of mind. Because if you are here reading this, if you are here in this place, it is because you came looking for happy times and new smiles.

Happy 5th of January!!!

And of course,

Give it your best, give it your all. Pull those muscles, strech harder each time and breath baby, you got what it takes. Just give it your best.

and be patient cuz most of the times you need to try and try over again and againd till you achieve your goal!

Keep this in mind as your day continues:

You are your own believer, your own doer, you make these things happen and turn them into something better. It is up to you.

lovely movie

Always, always dear creators, dream on:

so true!

there are many ways to start over in the new year… i choose start it with love all around. because to be loved first you should love… yourself first of all.. and then the rest will come to you!

¨Pay attention and enjoy your life as it happens. – When I watched the Academy Awards a few months ago I realized that most of the speeches actors and actresses make when they accept an award go something like this:  “This means so much so me.  My whole life has been leading up to this moment.”  But the truth is, our whole lives have been leading up to every moment.  Think about that for a second.  Every single thing you’ve gone through in life, every high, every low and everything in between, it has led you to this moment right now.  Ask yourself this:  How much of life are you actually living?  If you’re like most people, the answer is likely:  “Not enough.”  The key is to concentrate on a little less on doing and a little more on being.  Remember, right now is the only moment guaranteed to you.  Right now is life.  Spend the next 30 days living in the now, for real.¨

Go on, kick some butt, lift your head up high and let the magic happen.

I believe in you,

The Always Believer (click on my name for more treats of love)

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