27, Let’s go! Meow.

27, let’s go! Meow.

Waking up to see the sun shine bright, to breathe the fresh new flowers and to head down to the beach.

This is the life. This is how I want to start a brand new year. In this beautiful city, surrounded by my closest friends, feet in the sand, smile on my face. April is all about indulging myself, more than the rest of the year. Just how it should be. You got to treat yourself, babe.


Ariadna at the B-Ball Court – Taking the shot, always trying, always Aiming – April 2015


There are many things I’ve learned in the past year.


Let (it) Go: The past is there, in the past, and we are here, in the now. That is all. All the mistakes and trial and errors that have crashed have made me wiser and a better judge for my current decisions. Let it go, let it go, let it fly away, learn and let go.


You never know: Life has a funny way to show you your right path. When you think something is better and it’s not, life takes it away from you and along the way gives you something better. You never know where you are going to be in the future, you never know what it will hold. Meanwhile, listen to your heart and go for it.


Every person in your life is there for a reason: You learn from each and every one of them. Past, present and future. You will learn something from there. After all, we are here to help each other.



Ariadna in Tibidabo. The exact moment she fell even more in love with life. February 2015.


Follow your dreams: Honey, if there is one thing that moves you, that makes your heart beat faster, go for it. Just go for it. Run towards that, fly and do. If there is something in your life that you want to change, then do so… It is the best you can do, follow that dream of yours and live the life that you want. Rock it with Hillary Duff.

Listen: Listen to others, respect others, let others be and do their own thing. Listen to what they’ve got to say and take it all in. You do your own thing and be kind.

Kindness goes a long, long way: No matter what you do or where you go, kindness goes a long way. Be nice, be polite and be happy. Happy to help others, happy because being kind is one of the best ways we can treat each other. So, don’t just hope. DO!


Ariadna taking another chance at life. And jumped for it, twice. August 2014.


See the sun: There were times where the every day stress and run-down of life makes you live in a storm. Darling, shake it off and see a bit of the sunlight… it will always shine bigger and brighter, it will come. As long as you shake it off and get back up, the sun will always shine. (and if you like storms and rainy weather, then invert this metaphor.)


Love yourself as your life depended on it: Because, sugar babe, it does. It really does. Love every inch of your body, of your soul and of yourself, inside and out. I have learned to fall in love with myself even more and know what I want to do to be a better person. Be kind to yourself. Be good to yourself. Love yourself.


Ariadna and her little cousin. Him and his parents take her higher than ever, as they always shower her with love and affection, no matter where she is what she does. She is truly inspired by them, by their story, by their words and most of all, by their love. Love for one another and love of oneself, because every single time they talk, that is all that there is. Love, pure, pure and Infinite Love. Forever thankful for everything that they teach and each moment spent.

Mallorca, June 2014. 


Strive for happiness: You should be able to be happy at all times. Yeah, you can go through emotions and such yet overall, life is happy. Live happy. Make yourself happy. Be happy.


Say it, mean it! This is an important one for me. Don’t hold back. If you feel like saying “Thank You” or “I Love You” say it… just say it. You can do actions, you can reach out and most of all, you can say it. So, say it. There has been quite a few times in my life that I have held back… I thought it was too soon, I compared it to past relationships, I was too shy, I didn’t want to get hurt, I was over thinking it too much.. I just let go and went for it… Now, I say it, I feel it, I do it and I go for it… because it is what I feel.

You are truly wealthy when you have something money can’t buy: And Flyers, have I got something for you! I have learned this a few years ago and I am blessed enough to have my sister and many loved ones in my life… This last year, a new family came into my life and they are priceless to me. These girls are my treasures and my love for them is deep and infinite.



Rowing forward, no matter how many times she gets stuck. Malaga, July 2014


And within this year, a new family came together. Us. Me and you. Team Flyer. Yup, we became a family. You are supporting me as I am supporting you. You are my wealth and I cherish your presence here because it really is something that money can’t buy.


Moments just for you: As social as I am and as busy as I am, I take time out every single day to have my me moments. No way around it, I also take time out each week to just focus on me. To do something I love, to meditate or anything else in between. This is important. It keeps me balanced, self-loved and happy.


Always aiming high, always flying high. April 2014


Appreciate family life: No matter if we are across the sea, I’ve learned to appreciate even more my parents. We had many ups and downs, we had a rough start and throughout the years, we have learned to overcome them and live through them. So, without a doubt, if I could start appreciating my parents after everything, you can too. Be kind.


Your partner is your home base: Choose wisely, choose your ticket way to happiness. Your partner is 50% of you, in the nicest of ways. It is your own balance beam, shoulder to lean on and your ticket to a future you want. Be with someone you love, someone who you want and someone you think is right for you, whoever they may be.


Click me! and Click me! and Click me!


A drawing one of her friends gave her for her 26th birthday. April 2014. 


Balance and stay fit with work: Live a life that is work-life fit. “Work-life fit focuses on allowing employees flexibility in their working hours, allowing them to balance work alongside personal goals or duties.” (http://www.poweredbysearch.com/)


As I am growing my business, I take this into account. I learn something new every day, either professionally or personally, new life hacks and life lessons.


She loves animals of all sizes. She used to horseback when younger and loves doing it from time to time. April 2014


Big project coming up? Break it and divide it up! Yup, divide it up into small blocks and you will reach your potential far more. Your ambition and passion will be higher as you do it step by step rather than take the whole thing together.


Be thirsty, be hungry: Be thirsty for more. Be hungry for more. Want more, do more and reach for more. Not being all greedy nor anything like that, yet being ambitious and loving towards what you want. Seek new challenges.

Live your own music, let it all out, be kind to everyone along the way, follow your heart, build good relationships, don’t delay what needs to be done, take advantage of each moment, relax, have your own space, disconnect and most of all, love, love and love some more.


You live and you learn, move on and keep loving.



I am off to spread the love on my beautiful birthday… all over this city, from high to lows. Stay tuned to my social media for more… I’ll be around.

Thanks for being there, Team Flyer! May our journey become bigger and brighter each every day.

To year 27! To you! To me! To us!

Ariadna Arredondo,

The Birthday Princess,

Always Believe


Ariadna memorized by Malaga, once again falling in love with life. July 2014.



Ariadna being a bad-ass with her students at work. Summer 2014



Ariadna dancing around beautiful Barcelona. September 2014




Enjoying time with her cousin. This kid leaves her without words. He inspires her to do so much with life and he is 6 years younger than her!  This one is dedicated to you and all your beautiful words and dazzling adventures. Thanks Alex, for reminding us once again, that believing and doing go a long, long way.  It was about time both of our feet were side by side.

Barcelona, November 2014.





Thanksgiving dinner 1 and 2. Number One planned and decorated by Ariadna. Number Two planned by her two best friends as a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. These two give her good reasons to keep on believing, keep on loving and keep on spreading it forevermore.With their many adventures together comes endless talks and countless smiles.

November/December 2014. A week apart. 




Ariadna´s first Barça game, a team she supports all the way. A X-mas surprise from her boyfriend.  She was without words. (They won 8-1!) For her, love is everywhere and when she falls in love, she choose wisely. We can all happily say that these two lovebirds are made for each other, because as they say – “Destiny is finding each other without even looking.”



Ariadna’s Christmas tree, given to her by her boyfriend. She hasn´t a Christmas tree since a kid. She was also without words. (It is still up in the living room, yes in April ….  just decorated a different way!)

Stay tuned for her many adventures, she sure loves company…. I hear that there like 36  people coming to her birthday bash…. Join the fun and get in touch!  😉 

PS: If she makes you happy, let her know. Spread the love, because you are also The Always Believer!

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    1. Thank you darling, for your love and support. My birthday was a true treasure and still more coming! Keep spreading the love!

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