6 reminders for successful days

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Let´s get the ball rolling this new time of year, no matter what moment of the year it is(!), with some wonderful reminders to make your days even more successful, are you ready?

  • Honey, Sugar Pie, Babe, don´t change for anyone, or better said; if you want to change, change for yourself and yourself only:  It seems that no matter what we do in life, we get caught in the stereotypes of things, moments where we think we have to act one way where in all reality we just have to be our true selves. I´ve been guilty of this many times…. hence, any reminder is always a good reminder.  Life, no matter which aspect or road you are walking down, is made to discover yourself, learn what you like and don´t like, learn how to grow and become stronger, even manage your weakness and just offer the very best version of you.

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  • Keep focused on your goals, kill of those negative vibes and then just kill them with kindness: The only real way to shut down the haters and all those gold-diggers, is success itself. The only way to tell them off is to make sure you become the best version of you, that you battle your own challenges and even if you fall down, you get back up higher and stronger next time. The only way is that even if every door closes, you will find another window that opens. Let´s keep it real, triumphs speak for themselves, plot the future of your empire.

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  • Come one, we have been thrown curve balls all our lives, who is going to stop us now? After all the times we have taken the good with the bad and made our own road stronger, now is just the same. The challenge might be bigger, it might take longer, it might just not work out the way you want it to be… yet you are there doing what needs to be done.

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  • That goal you have in mind? Keep at it. Yes, it is hard as F, yes, it feels like a thousand bricks came to shower you straight from the ceiling, yes, it will feel like your pocket has is old movie stubs from 2009 and left over lint… against all these odds and overwhelming moments, think back to your goal. No matter the stress, what you are building, what you are wanting to do with your goal is a life-changer of some kind. Regardless whether it is a fitness goal, a travel goal, a wedding goal, an open your own business goal, a getting out of debt goal or anything else in between, honey… keep working at it. You were made for this and you this an investment for a better future, do it!

  • Always Believe! Come on, you know it… no matter where in the darkness you are, there is always a light shining somewhere. No matter the size, first believe and then look around, you can also dance in the dark to the reach the brightest of lights. It is up to you to find it, that simple positive that will gain another positive to then turn a negative inside out to a positive, so on and so forth.

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  • It is your life. Own it, live it, love it. It is all yours. Do whatever you want with it, because at the end of the day, whatever you do, it is all on you. Enough said.

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What are some of your own daily reminders to keep being succesful and staying focus?

Feel free to share with us!

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