I can hold my breathe, I can bite my tongue, I can stay awake for days, I can do it all, just to be your number one. I can fall in love with life, I can dance and play the part, I can fly and give you all I got, I can do it all. I can fake a laugh, I can hug you tightly, I can whisper in your ear, I can lie for you, I can carry you through a storm.

I can hold the weight on my shoulders, I can be your everything, I can do it, I can get through it, I can fall down with you and catch you as I fall.

I am only human, I crash and burn. I fall and get lost. I get drunk, I get high, I can scrape my knees, I can take only so much until I had enough…

I am only human, I bleed, I hurt, I am worthy of falling apart, I am worthy of doing it all.

As I carried you nine months in me, as I hold you through any storm, as I taught you how to fly, I lost my ways, I let you go too fast

As I see where our lives have crossed, where our paths simply happened, as I see how we hung on oh so tightly

You reminded me that it was all ok to be human, that it was all right to feel, fall and felt the need to keep going. I am still your number one fan and you are still my little girl.

You picked me up as I fall, you led me to the new worlds, you guided me through a different light, you kept me young, you were always present, I was a constant light in your life.

Let me tell you, you can do it all, you can carry your own way through the storm, you can fly high, you can fall back on the ground, you can get up again. You can have a heartache, you can travel the world, you and just you can do it all.

My darling, you make me proud, your words move me every single time, your way of living life inspires me, you make me stand up tall and proud as you reach your dreams. You remind me that these 60 were worth something, all those nights, all those tears, all those fears, all those laughs, all those tips, they were are worth something.

Just because you are a star. You shine like no other. You let me be me. You understood me, you fought me and fought for me, you let me be free.

Girl, you are what keeps me going. Thank you for making these 60 special. Just because you are in it.

By: Ariadna Arredondo


This quick note is dedicated to the Birthday Girl of the day, the person who gave me more tips on life than anyone else, the same one that I have rescued after a few drunken nights, the same one that I can call at random hours of any given day, the same one that I ignore from time to time and the same one that I can send my daily selfies to. It is her letter to me, it is all her words of wisdom wrapped into one. It is how we get by, how we live our lives. These are just words that come and go, our memories stand the test of time. Mom, this goes out to you, wherever you are today, I am happy to carry your last name.

Thanks to family, friends, followers and fans for all the kind notes, gifts and happy thoughts. For many more to come!



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