A date

What is a date?

Not talking about love, talking about a specific date, a date on the calendar, a date that reflects something either good or bad, a number and a month put together, throw in a year … and magic, a date. A date that can change, can hurt, can heal, can do so much… these numbers are just like magic.

Why am I talking about this?

Because I, for one, am the first to recognize that dates hold on longer to me than I do to them. They want me to remember them, for some reason or another, they stay in my memory. Whether it is some historical date, someone´s birthday or the day that I left one country to hop to quite a few other ones… It is something that sticks with me and even if there is a few that I want to get rid off, thankfully the good ones are the ones that come with me much more.

Now, as in about 4 days ago, I made a huge final change in my life and this is a date that I remember. Part of me doesn’t want to because it feels like it is pointless, like just having that certain action in mind can set lose a bunch of feelings, thoughts or other comments that have been bouncing around your head. And granted this is something to work on, to let go, to heal and to look more about what we have in the present than in the past, the fact that you remember some dates is unnecessary.

This one in particular was a big move, the biggest one of them all, since that is the one that changed my whole world, from growing up in one place to moving to a whole continent, a whole new culture and a whole new way of conduct. It is unexplainable to have that kind of change and the impact it brought to me at such a young age. Hence the fact that this kind of date, throughout the years, throughout the meditation and inner talks, led me to be happy. Sure, it is still a heck of a change, sure, it still kinda left me with the only ¨What if¨ I have had all my life… however, nonetheless, in any case… after much self-love talk and inner peace, I must say that simple date is just a date and what happened then is the result of my now.


And I sure love My Now. Could have it been better there? Could I have been more successful? Who know and who cares? That is the ¨me¨ of another type of universe, dimension or whatever the theory is. I am me now, I am brave, bold and thankful. Because through that date, I became me. This person in front of you, who has thrived a lot more than she could have ever imagined. Yeah, sure, life got a whole lot tougher and a whole lot more real after that date as well as it made my life more exciting and adventurous.

If we talk about important dates, wedding dates, dates of kids being born, graduation or first day on the job, the day you started your blog, the day you opened your business, the day you sold your first painting, the day you were snorkeling for the first time, the trip you always wanted to go to, the day you saw your family after a really long time, the day you saw your sister get married, the day you ask the person you liked out, the day you saw your favorite musician, the day … the day… that date… those dates sure bring you a special feeling in your heart and soul. Those, my darling, are good dates to have.  Let’s remember that those memories are more than just a date, they are a feeling, they are a moment, they are joyous occasions that you treasure.

What is a date for you? What is one of your special dates? What is your perspective on them

Let us know down below! Thanks for listening and for being part of our community.

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