A great one for the road

Do I have any words? Do you really think I have any words?

(Note: There are tons of pictures in this post! Goodie! Enjoy!)

Let me fill you and give you an inside look of it all this week. Last weekend was one of the great ones for me. Not only did I enjoy every minute of the whole weekend, from the moment that I stepped out of work on Friday to the moment I went back in on Monday morning, wishes came true for me.

Let me start!

Friday cocktails with girlfriends: A quick get-together with cool friends to catch up on the new news while having smooth cocktails made by our very own professional friend, what more can I want!


Friday Dinner-Party: Gathered up the guys and girls together to have a rocking dinner party at mine. Arepas and Mojitos, tons of laughs and great games were involved. 10 people = tons of stories




Saturday: Celebrated a little one’s first birthday. This is the moment where I salute all the people who adopt children, foster children or even volunteer with them all around. This is the moment where you get to know I am a volunteer, for those kids who don’t have a family yet. We celebrated his little birthday and had great fun

Saturday afternoon: Caught up with my E- Gang, a group of friends that know how to get real and funky. More friends = more drinks = more the fun = more stories.


Saturday night: One name: Franco de Vita! Yup, one of my all time favorite artists in the whole entire world. Like OMG! For all of those who don’t know who he is, look him up. A Venezuelan artist who I’ve admired all my life as he inspired and helped so many others. I am still without words, I still have got nothing to say.

I was just emotional and in love with his 3 hour performance. I danced it all away, heck, I danced the day away just thinking about it.



Sunday: Just a walk in park .. not really. My boyfriend and I were celebrating something big and decided to make the day out of it. So, we hopped on a train and went to the beautiful mountains in a misty kind of day. It was sensational. Eating it a delicious restaurant, trying new foods, looking at amazing art pieces and seeing a world- known church.



All while dancing in the rain, listening to the sound of nature and having deep talks with my loved one.

What more can I girl ask for?

All this and more, all this and more is what I felt.

I wanted to give you an inside look because not only is it pure bliss, it is a reminder that you can do it all. As long as you put your heart into it, your love all the way, you are able to have it all. Looking back, looking in the future, who cares… the moment is now and you have to go with your gut feeling every time.

And if this is what you want to do, then do it. Just like me.

I am thrilled I get to share this weekend with you. Not the usual in my posts, I know. Yet, believe me, worth it. Another me post is coming up soon though, my birthday bash!

Tell me about any special day of yours ! And hit me up with cool stories for #GoDoFly!

Thanks for the read,

Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer

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