A is for Always


Hello dazzling ones,

A is for Always. As in Always Believe, as in Always Me, as in Always Stay, as in Always Love….

Always is a strong Word, it is… Yet we use it all the time. It is my title, it is something we want to conserve.

As I take you in, week after week, no matter what happens in between, I always want to give you a good clear look at what is going on. I have grown a lot this year, heck, like every year, of course… nonetheless, some years or some times in your life you realize it more and more. This is all about new paths I have taken, new changes and most of all, new risks. I am a risk-taker, so I have Heard. I leap in, I dive in usually head first, I clear the crowd out and there I go towards the next big best things. No matter who it is, I want to give people a chance, to get to know them and be friendly.

I have also been told that I am a star. Now, I am not sure where to take on that whole idea due to it sounding a bit self-centered. However, they pointed out that I am this way because I always strive for the best version of myself. No matter where I am or what I do, as soon as I do something that I am passionate for, sparks baby. As this year rolls along, I have discovered more sides to myself, I have been more free and loose… it is being wonderful.



For those who know me very little, I am a romantic one, hands down. I love Love and love to feel it all around through friends, family and lovers. This year after a (insert word with deep meaning here) breakup and getting back on my feet, I learnt that first you need to Love Yourself. Always. Now, that is a big Always. I took a chance on me this year, on my writing, on coming out, on moving, on getting up and reaching my goal. A few said I ran away, I just respond to that by saying I have found myself. We all choose different paths all the time and where I was to where I am now, has been a difficult and honest one.

Things come and go, things stay. Things happen and things come back. I´ve always been me, I have hidden it a few times and now, not so much. I am letting it go, telling my story as I want to tell it, as I feel it. I am risking it all, I am being brave at this moment. After all, haven´t I always been this way? Why be someone else?

What about you? What is your Always?

What do I want for Always?

You. Me. This. Always want to be your Powertalk. Always want to keep shining and showing you my passion. Always want us to work it all out and make dreams come true. Always want this to be a place of comfort, joy and love. Always smiles and laughter. Always.

Let this short talk be a helping hand for your Always.

As usual, let me know your opinion! It is Always a pleasure. Contact me through: ariadnaarredondo@thealwaysbeliever.com and the following media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Glipho and Twitter.

The Always Believer


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