A little bit of bed rest, a little bit of Ed Sheeran and a whole lot of self love

Hi Team Flyer!

And let´s ring it out one more time…


How are you all doing? How is the first week going for you?? Let me know!!!

Okay, so much excitement going on, I know, I know, it always feels like a party around me.

Let me calm down and hit you up with my novelties.

First things first,


This start of the New Year was a complete surprise. As I found and depth my friendship with a dear cousin of mine… (not that we ever had a fall out of any kind, my family and me have always lived in different countries, different age groups and different lifestyles… we are a family of travelers and on top of that, I am second to last and the whole age difference is an actual thing too. Add that to the fact that we didn´t grow up together, it all makes sense now.)

As I was saying… we happen to live close-by for once and we get along great. You see, it was something brand new for me, not only hanging out with an actual cousin a few times a year, on top of that we are getting to know each other like new friends do. And it was cool! So, as I spent the 30th with her and her family, talking about New Year, we looked at each other and immediately thought of spending it together.  And just like that, I spent New Year´s Eve sitting down all nice and comfy watching Big Bang Theory with the fam. To then start the year with some karaoke and to then spend the first day of the year with her husband´s family. Gathered around 18 people and loads of food and drinks in sight, a few music.ly or two… the day felt homey. It felt new, not because it was a new year, but because I was sitting across from my cousin, an actual family member on New Years.

Yes, it could have been any other day of the year, yes, I have spent many other holidays with other families… yet this one, this one in particular, I was with her and her family. I was with my own family. And that,my dear friend, felt like a first. And that my darling friend, felt like a dream come true. I love and miss my family. We are spread all around the world and of course, traveling is expensive and I´ve spent the past 7 years figuring out my own life and still finding a steady beat to it… In other words, life happens and that is okay. So when you finally reach a point to be hanging with a dear one, regardless of the time of the year, it really is magic.

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Moving on, this week?

This first week of the year!?

Hello Flu…. I haven´t gotten this ill in years, and yes, I can actually say that. I didn´t go to work, I couldn´t get up from my bed, it was a tough and rough kind of flu and it still semi lingers on.

What did this lead to?

Bed Rest. Much needed bed rest. I got mad, not only because the lack of work meant the lack of an income, it also meant that I could not study nor work as much as I wanted to and needed to. I was already going to stay home anyways, working and such.

It took me a couple days to see the positive… yes, I know right? How could it have taken me couple of days to do such thing?  Me? Miss. Positive!

Well… I just didn´t get it... All I could do from Monday to Thursday was lie in bed all day, hoping to sleep, hoping the pain goes away, hoping that somehow I will be warm all over again, hope that my constant coughing would not wake me up, that my fever went away or that throat would stop hurting…

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And so came the positive thinking…. Maybe if I haven´t gotten sick, I would have continued being my active self … meaning I would have worked tons of hours, not gotten enough rest and by the time the regular schedule rolled up next week, it would have hit me then or even worse, exam season, for example. Not the flu itself maybe, yet yes the whole part of me being overworked, overtired, over everything…. So, the positive twist?

Yes, I did spend the first days of the year sick… meaning hey, I spent the first few days of the year getting better with people taking care of me, getting much-needed and appropriate rest and what´s even better, just being one with my bed and me…

Seriously, that does not happen often, nor much at all. It is an uphill task to keep me in bed for a long period of time. So, it being that I had to. I finally had some energy come Wednesday or so and decided to make the most of it. I caught up on TV shows, watched re-reruns of my old favorites and slept, slept, slept as much as I can. I flipped out on Ed Sheeran´s new music as I always do. He is my top favorite musician, my brother aside, and today he has given us the gift of two new singles. Come on! 

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I disconnected for the most part and what did that lead to? Self -love.

Yup, loads and loads of Self-love… Today, Friday, January 6th, I am feeling much better. Not fully ready for the world, I´ve got the weekend still. I am semi-studying as I can meanwhile. Could I do more? Yes, I can always do more. Am I doing more? No. Why? Because I am listening to my body, my body is giving me a break, a break from it all. Because my body is wise. It wants me to fully disconnect, rest and take advantage of this full week.

That is now coming to an end…

What is coming for this year?

Outstanding things, you´ll see. I will reach higher places, meet people who inspire me, write more, dance more, do more videos, share more happy moments and adventures, work steady, concentrate more, jump higher, take more chances, make more changes, get smarter, get wiser, encourage more people, fly higher, fly farther, get fitter, know more who I am, share and share some more… to make this world a bit brighter and be able to help those in need…

So, that on top of new exams coming up starting next week, projects due, a part time job with kids and the whole enterprise thing…of course, my body is wise. It decided to tell me this is the best way to start the year. With a whole new sense of who I am, where I want to be and fully rested. I am going to need it for what is coming up next!!


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How about you, love? How has your year started?

Always Believe,

Love Always,

The Always Believer

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