A mental health kind of Summer

Hello Team Flyer,

Here we are again, Fall just starting, Summer is already in the books, tan is still on yet the fresh air is winning us over. We have changed bikinis for sweaters, we have changed palm trees to colorful leaves, we have changed from a continuous heat wave to ¨I can finally breath¨ moments…

And how was your Summer? Where did you go? What did you do? And no, not trying to sound like a first day back to school special, just genuinely interested in how and where you invested your time. Because much like all around the world, Summer is a time to travel, it is a time to have time off, it is a time for a break… how did you spend that much need time?

And me, you ask? Me? Oh honey, for the first time in my life, I was able to spend time with me, myself and I… for the longest kind of period. I had a mental health kind of Summer. I had one of those let´s just focus on me and what I need to do to get myself going and ready kind of summers… thankfully, at some point of this year, when it came to think about my time off, I had the brightest idea yet. Let this one be about me. A whole month of self-discovery and most of all self-love. And, man oh man, was it worth it, needed, appreciated and wanted.

Not only to take in all of what has happened recently and furthermore, some child drama came rushing out as well, it is also a step back to take in what is going to come. A whole new college year, a whole full time job, a whole new set of exams and projects, a whole set of love stories, a whole set of new adventures with friends, a whole new set of dedication, hard work, pushing myself, maintaining that balance and just keep on keep on keep on pushing through and hitting targets.

How has this month helped me?



Gone back to my roots: 

You see, during the year, with the countless obligations and activities of school and work, I don´t get a lot of free time to do what I love to do. Like dancing, writing and reading. Even though I am working on it, in the very best way I can, to fit some of these activities that make me really happy, along my year, it is slightly challenging because we also need to time to sleep, eat and shower.

So, summer? Hello dancing like nobody’s watching, writing my heart out and reading every single day. Having that mental health break from everything else gives you time and space to do what you love to do. You have given yourself more of your own life´s pleasures and that is something that we need to remind ourselves (and each other) to do more often, since after all, life is all about being happy with oneself and do things we truly love. Not only during summer. Am I right?



Maintaining the real connections and reaching back


What do I mean? Reach back to those you haven´t talked to in forever, to those family members, to those friends along the way or even to your closest ones and ask them how is their day is going… All these things, get lost in our daily life, get lost in what we do since we get caught up in all sorts of life responsibilities and well, we just once again, lose track on reaching out to the ones that we love, near or far.

Family and friends who become family, it is very important to stay connected to them. Because thanks to them, my energy has an extra boost as they lift my spirit, both mentally and physically, higher.



Find yourself


You must be wondering where or when you lost yourself? Even though you might have lost yourself completely, because it does not have to go to that extreme, it is true that things get in the way and we give up on finding out more things about ourselves. Now, finding out what moves you and what soothes your soul is a sure fire way to make your life more balanced and happier. 

For example, my love is writing, my love is creating content and being creative with it.  So, without a doubt, during this mental health month, I got back into my writing. Sure I didn’t write as much as I expected at the beginning… that is because I spent a lot of my month getting back into my own roots and letting go off heavy subjects, apart from allowing myself to have fun. Going back to writing, throughout my year, with everything I do, it does not leave me much time to write as much as I need to. And honestly that leaves me a bit angry, rigid and shaken up.

The little time that I let myself submerge into my deep thoughts and turned them into writing, it has worked wonders on my mental health. I immediately felt calmer, more focused and less fidgety. I just let my finger do the tapping and typing to then, be able to breathe lighter and better. Without a doubt, whatever moves you, you and your whole being, will benefit your mind, heart and life. Find out what inspires you and be bold enough to go for it.



Just you, yourself and you


That is all it takes for you to get back to some balance in your life, that is all you need for you to be ready for what is to come and for you to understand and even let go of past lessons… There is nothing else that will give you that value, that value of knowing exactly who you are, what do you want and where you want to go. And even if you are feeling stuck or not, a few set minutes with yourself will come a long way.

When you are stuck, that time each day to know how you feel and get to know yourself more. And when you are not stuck, it helps you all the same. This month off, this mental break I oh so desired, I took my own self for ice cream, for the sea every day, for long walks around the coast, for some Netflix love, for meditation, for late nights and early runs… all with me, myself and I. My own thoughts and with those thoughts, I have created a deeper relationship with myself, with who I am becoming and who I want to be.


Summer feels like a land of the opportunity due to the extra amount of time you got lying around, don´t let summer stop you, keep going through all the seasons. And if during summer, you still worked hard and did internships, if you still managed to organize countless get-togethers and traveled a bunch, that is all cool too… yet remember, prioritizing yourself, all year-long, is always the first thing to do on your list. 

Chase that dream, be sure to catch up on your shows, read those books, bake some more, run, dance, swim… work and stress will always be there, there are a constant in our lives, yet so are you. So, don´t feel guilty about that much-needed re-charge, about nothing days and about just you days… it is your life before anyone else´s. Give yourself time to unload and restock on energy and mindfulness. All year-long. 



So, as the season starts, as the changes are coming, as fresh new stories approach, I´ll be sure to keep this mental health month with me all year long. All the things I learned about myself, all the things that I did for me, all the things that I wanted to do along with my feelings and thoughts, I will remind myself because it is not only a summer thing, it is a something to keep intact and maintain all year long… because after all, our life, our rules.


The Always Believer



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