A new day? A new you!

Hi Team Flyer!

How are you? On this brand new day, this means a brand new  you! Or even better, an improved you! Let´s get to it!



This is the first no-brainer that takes us years to learn… and it is the first on the list because we all need a quick and immediate reminder as much as we can. Every little thing that you do, no matter how big or small, every little thing, it is you and the more you you are, the more you show your true self, the more you love yourself, everything else falls into place. Believe me, it is incredible to finally see that person in the mirror and see more love than anything else.

We will achieve our full potential when we love ourselves first, fall with yourself first because right after that, the rest will come. Through thick and thin, through all the hardships, you are always learning. Love yourself for that and for everything you are.


Passion, baby, put some passion into it!

Yes, you read right! Babe, if you follow your own passion and hobbies, you will automatically feel happier, cheerful and heck, even look better. All in all with this one, allow yourself to have hobbies. Hobbies outside kids, work, school even friends… a hobby for you, a place where you feel your best and do your best. And even if you ever make a profit out of a hobby, be sure to re visit the older ones and let loose on whatever it is that you love to do.


Set that goal!

Give yourself a goal, no matter in what area in your life. The moment you sit down with yourself, skim through many areas in your life and pick one thing that you set your heart and eyes on… you make it your goal. Push toward that goal with all that you got, it might take you a few years, a few days, it might be from a video game to a whole new life change, you do you and keep setting goals. One after another and sometimes even a few at a time, don´t overwhelm, just set those goals.


Let´s get physical!

Yup, you, yourself and your own. Get some that activity planned out. Exercise, batuka, yoga, basketball, walking, heck skinny dipping and swimming it all off if you want to… Get some P.E in you, take time out for your body to move, shake, jump and shout out on its own. You will feel revitilized inside and out. Go on, shake your groove thing.


Community work!

Not only does this mean through volunteer work, it also means to take part of a community. No matter how big or small, be part of something that means to something to you. A cause, a sport, your family, a special interest, a religion…. anything counts. Stay active with other people and be sure to feel that you have helped as well, it is a wonderful feeling to give to the community. We are all here to help each other out.


Times are changing… 

And you change with them, honey. Be open to new adventures, new people and new feelings. Take the leap, take the skip… take it. If you are really looking to improve yourself, you need to change, because rather than changing, you evolve with time and that means that you might think differently or even do things you think you would not, nonetheless, it is all part of life. Be open to it.


What is your take on improving oneself? What else do you do? Hit the comments down below and be sure to form part of any of our talks and movement, #GoDoFly. We will be more than happy to have you!


Have a great day and keep on improving,

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The Always Believer


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