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#GoDoFly: Our super movement that is all about true stories that overcame obstacles and came out of it with a more positive outlook in life. This section comes out on Wednesdays.

Motivational Vibe: This is the Queen of the ball and its fresh every Monday. It is all about motivations, wise words and practical advice. We want you to be motivated, we want you to shine! We want you to have an ongoing smile on your face! Read this section for more!

Once upon a time: Poems and stories written by yours truly. This section comes out on Friday, whenever there is material provided.

The Always Believer: This one is all about me. I want to share my world with you, either deep or just every day activities.This section come out on Friday. Feel free to ask any questions! 🙂  Easy to find!

#TuesdayTruths: Have something you want to vent? Have something that you want the world to know? Let us know right here!

#ThankYouThursday: What are you thankful for? Who do you want to thank? Let us know right here!

#SorryNotSorry: Apologize much? No need for that no more, don’t be sorry for being you, embrace who you are!

#QuoteMe!: Love something I’ve said? Let me know!


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