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Motivational Monday:

Fitness (Body Loving) Fridays:

  • All about getting healthier, fitter and loving your body.
  • Day in-Day out.
  • Body Positive time starts here.
  • This section comes out Friday. (Interchanged with Educational Fridays)

Educational Fridays:

  • Learning different life aspects through Team Flyer community 
  • Here to expand your mind and learn to the max
  • More on IG
  • Educational starts  starts here.
  • This section comes out Friday. (Interchanged with Fitness Body Loving Fridays) 

Ariadna Arredondo

Spiritual Sundays:

  • Your soul is sacred.
  • Let’s make your life more balanced.
  • Know how to set intentions.
  • Get that much needed me-time.
  • This section comes out Sunday. (Interchanged with Ariadna Arredondo)
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