Accepting August

Hi Team Flyer!

How are you? Tell me, how is your summer going? For some, it is basically back to school, for others it is still a bit away and for most, it has been mainly work…. Hit me up in the comments! I´d be happy to hear about you.

What is new over here?

After my two week holiday, after walking through heaven and getting some great new memories, I have come back to get things on the road. I am still exploring where to go and how to do it all, you see, there are so many ideas on my mind that I want to do them all. Granted that I have more time now, I am doing what I can to be on it…

You see, there are many ideas going on and various ways to get things on the road to where I want to be.. This is all like choosing a degree, how do you just choose one? I am tons of social media apps and upload regularly, I like to be there for you and spread your day with positive cheerfulness no doubt.

And here I am sitting in front of a computer screen wanting to write my thoughts out as much as I want to record them… And talk to you…

Okay, let´s talk media:

Snapchat- The Always Believer  – I´ve been using it for any and every purpose along my day, to give you good pep talks or to show you an inside look of my everyday life. Tons of snapchat filters used! – Brand new to the game and having a blast. Not only watching them and seeing creativity come to life, but also making them. No where as good as some of you all out there, yet hey, girl is making an effort to look cool. Hella fun, that is for sure!

Instagram – My creations, my moments. It is that simple. Just be ready to see tons of photographs full of life and story. And as we are talking about stories, Instagram Stories is definitely a new thing that I have been forming a part of, not really sure where to go with it. But hey, it works and it´s there… 🙂

Youtube – Hello more videos! Coming along soon! That is one of favorite things to do, I would love to hear your feedback on what you what to see and hear. No doubt! Here is the link of the playlist: click here!  

And what more….

This month is all about accepting, accepting everything that I have been through and every choice made.


Where does it come from? Accepting is a whole step forward of letting go and affirming your present. And that right there, my friend, is a magical feeling. Why?

Because it makes everything else go smoother and feel right, there is a weight off your shoulder, there is one less book to carry and that my friend, is a gift on its own. Accepting and being a bigger person, know how and when to move on, knowing where it is the right moment to keep going is a step in the right direction.

Will be writing your way real soon!

How are you all doing and what are you accepting along the road?

The Always Believer


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