After all, I am human

Hiya there, partner!

Why is it that some weeks we are just down-low? Some days just feel like there is a huge black hole and you are being sucked into it… Mine started out of nowhere. Most of my logical thinking results in that working in a job that is not meant to be makes the rest of it a bit more gray and dull. Other random thoughts include the following: we all have off days and that’s that, people around me use their negativity all day, not really dedicating the time I want on me, having way too many things in my head and wanting to let them out… the list continues.

And yes, now here I am. There are so many things that I want to do and I don’t know where to start. All I want to do is do what I am most passionate about. Plus, on top of that, I’ve got to keep certain day jobs in order to keep paying bills. Because I have always been independent and everything depends on me. No complaining, just stating. And when your actual day job doesn’t add up with the hours that you are putting in and the income, you start getting a bit crazy.  Think those two add up quite well.

Finding some sense into what I am doing and which direction to go is overwhelming.

You see some many things similar to those that you want to do and kinda get discouraged a bit. How do I build up an audience and get there? Why do all these people want to read me too, take time out of their day and reach out to me… ?


I brush that feeling off as soon as I can. Well, I know I can. I still believe in me and push through. I have gotten this far and will keep believing and doing. I want to take off, reach the right kind of people and most of all, want to just focus on what I am really passionate about.

You know the feeling where your mind and body don’t line up, so they keep telling you “This isn’t the place”, yeah, that gut feeling. Been hearing that for a while and really, each time it pops up, it keeps popping up clearer and faster. Stating and shouting with all colors to “Stop”!

And here I am now, the thing is that it came with sleepless nights and other random thoughts. Another list of ideas that I really want to do and get to. Another reason I need to dismantle my life all over again to get even further to where I want to be. No matter how easy life would be to ask for something and it giving it to you, we all have worked hard to get to where we are. And that right there is life. And that right there, is exactly what I am doing.


Because in all honesty and with all due respect, I am really tired of “having” to spend my days with negative vibes all around because I need to work in a certain place or way for now.

And another thing, why do we really have to follow the norm, why do we really have to follow the lead, go a certain way and do something the same as others, in order to get to where we want. All this creativity, thoughts, aspirations inside me want to head on out. And it only depends on me how to do so and which road to take.

Back to that, having the whole world available to you is still overwhelming. Finding your own spot, knowing what or where to go and what to post, etc… endless possibilities. And that is where I am now, changing, renovating, standing up for what I believe in and working hard.

Still in the middle of not feeling to hot and wound up a bit over something/nothing. After all, I just want to let you know the truth and share this with you, we are in this together.

After all, I am human.

Thanks for the read, thanks for the love!

If you have got anything to say, anything to add, spread the love this way.

Get on the #GoDoFly flight! Great things are on their way!

Ariadna Arredondo

The Always Believer

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  1. love this posts! It is completely fine to feel sad or hopeless somedays, but it is important to know we are strong and we can do anything! This is inspiring, and you should know that standing for what you believe is never wrong.

    1. Thank you very much for this comment! It really made me happy to receive this reply. You are right, we know that we are strong and capable of going after our dreams. Feel free to share it around! I will look you up!

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