Ain’t nobody got time for that


Yo! What is up?!

Just a quick message to say hey.

Thanks. Bye!


Ok, sound familiar to a certain point? What is up with people being so impersonal nowadays? People being so busy to not have time to even have a proper conversation? And many more things…

This is our reminder to you:

1) Hand-written things. Sure, it is quicker to type it up and send away however when we receive real mail, we jump up for joy like if it was the greatest news ever. You know we do. Every time I send mail and receive it, it feels so amazing to know I have a little bit of them and they have a little bit of me. Such a huge difference between texting someone something romantic and leaving them a note next to their bed or on top of their dining room table.

2) Enjoying music. This comes from a huge music fan too. Not only do we have background music almost all the time, we also have a special area in our day to listen to music as it was meant to be listened to. Sit back and enjoy, put on your tunes and let it go.

3) Enjoying tv. Yes, actually pay attention to what is in front of you. Most of us watch tv and are on our computers or phones at the same time. A lot of people took their time,effort and passion to put a tv show together. We, as a public, should be able to watch our favorite tv shows without any interruption. It is a lot harder than it sounds, nowadays.

4) Be healthy. And we are not talking about working out and eating good. We are mainly talking about taking a rest when needed, having a personal day just to you. This is not childs play, this is also for hard-working adults like you and me. This makes life go smoother and even feel refreshed after.


5) Listen to people. Yes, it has to be on the list. Stop all technology at the dinner table, stop and listen to the people around you. They are there because they want your company. That simple.

6) Respond to events and emails in a timely fashion. We are able to put things  off automatically and get to it another day but when it becomes a week’s wait to a whole month, or two even… something is wrong. We have to remember to make that call, write back and let them know that we care enough to response back to them.

7) Have long dinners. It is so wonderful to sit around the dinner table for hours on end telling endless stories and creating new memories. Don’t just eat and run! Don’t just stop and skip over another meal to go just to the drinks. Enjoy, relax and have those long dinners.

8) Stop texting people especially if they live in the same city or at a fair enough distance to go over and talk to them in person. Seriously, let there be physical contact in those friendships, not just texting after work because you are too tired. Make the effort and see them in person. It makes a change.

9) Put your best clothes on. Just because. Feel your finest. Feel beautiful. Feel handsome. Just because.

10) Think before you speak, think before you write back. A lot of times we think that in this fast paced word, we need to write back ASAP without proper thinking on the matter. Your words count and it is important for you tell your opinion in the best way possible.


And an extra:

Spend time to do nothing. To flip over books, to binge watch some old tv shows, to be outside in nature(!!!), to drive to another city, to just sit and listen to the nothingness around you.


What other things do you need to make more time in your life for?

Take life a day at a time and live life easy.

At the end of the day, do what you want.

The Always Believer


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