All I want is potato chips

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All I want is potato chips

Yup, that is all I want. Potato chips. Wait, more like French Fries. That’s it. That is what I am telling you. And why am I telling you this? Because I am going to treat myself!

Yup, you heard right. There are times in your life that all you want to do is sink down and stay in bed all day… whereas that not may be possible because we got a life to lead, it isn’t the best solution either. Why sink down and get all shuffled around? Why get into a slump that we don’t need just because we took a couple wrong turns? Come on, no need to get fully down….

What can we do instead? Get potato chips! Okay, let me explain a bit more.

Whenever you have a negative sentiment towards something, try to change it with tricks and little life hacks too. For example, let’s take that dead-end job you might be at, it isn’t exactly where you want to be, yet it is how you are able to be a productive member of society and continuing doing so while you find a way to do your own thing. Or you are stressed due to finals, or a family member/ friends suddenly becomes ill, or you are working out to meet your own personal deadlines or in a tough housing situation… just breath in and breath out and buy potato chips.


Especially if you’re like me, working multiple jobs and hustling to climb that career ladder, it becomes very easy to start a routine where you get caught up into the two or three or hundred things you need to get done while balancing the next bill you got pay that turns into the next everything. And life itself as you know is snowballing into one activity after the other without stopping and it just feels like one big rush after the other.

So, where am I at? Buying potato chips. We need to treat ourselves! A good way of doing so (apart from getting French Fries) is by slowing down. Don’t let that cloud of negativity get in your way, just learn how to make it shine, even though it’s a bit stormy.

Let me help you there!

Step one – Buy French Fries.. okay, okay… it doesn’t have to be French Fries, it can also be chocolate, clothes, a latte, a comic book, a movie ticket, a book, a something. In others words: treat yourself. Get a little token just for you, get your personal chill time as you search though stores or the park, to get a touch of your own personal paradise… once a week, treat yourself. That is an order!

Step two – Every day I’m shuffling! Change it up a bit. Walk a bit every day, just around your lunch break or some time or other. Take up a hobby, find a new place to eat lunch, see a new TV show or soon as get home and get all comfy, listen to music as loud as you can and get all funky. Change, move, search, discover.

Step three –  Remember your job isn’t everything and neither is the current situation you are in… as nothing is permanent, make time for things that do matter to you. Either painting, sports, comedy, baking, telling stories or shopping till you drop, go out and make time for things that are important to you. Yes, this is an important step. And also that is why is the last piece of advice for now.

Make time in your life to focus on positive things that you are really passionate about. Things that you are willing to make time for and through those, your life, step by step, will become more and more clearer and you will be able to breathe much better. We guarantee it! Take it slow, take naps, go out for a run, whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to put into your life, do it. That urge is not going to go away. So, do it now.

Whatever it is that you are doing to make your life better, keep doing it. Treat yourself to French fries and comic books. To ice cream and strolls down by the beach. To whatever you want it to be.  Most of all, treat yourself to love. Because that is hands-down the best thing you can do for yourself.

Now, are you going to go out and get your own French Fries?

The Always Believer

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