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Hey there, Team Flyer!

How is it going? We are going to have a heart to heart today.  Without a doubt, it is being a heck of a ride and heck of emotions galore over the past year… Now, all being logical, because after all, we are all humans and we all go through all these feelings.

Let´s hop into: Always Standing Out… what is this about? What is this all about? For me, a young woman who comes from all over the place, born in one, raised in another, teenagehood somewhere and adulthood in another million places, I always stand out. Granted this is good since you are always different… curiously enough, it is easy to forget. Forget because one lives one´s life on a day-to-day basis, not reflecting on every move or conversation, simply one just moves on and does this and that…

Now, when you actually remember, this is where you realize how crazy something like this can happen… because at the end of the day, if you are lucky and are like most of the world, you were born and raised in one place and you feel from that place or if not that, if you are from just a couple of places, the feeling is the same: grounded, same, part of something.

Have I always wanted to be a part of that same puzzle piece? Have I always wanted to ‘fit in’ in different areas? Have I always needed to feel like I belong? Maybe.

This is where I twist the story:

Coming and going through all these years have made me more open-minded, headstrong, badass and independent. That is something that I adore being and something that I should give much more credit to being as well, because really… these life skills have brought me here. Where we think we should be one thing, go one certain way, like following an ideal path … that is a way of doing things compared to what we really want to do. You see, life threw me here and as I look at all the lil details that helped me get right here, it is also how I became me.  The honest open-hearted wild thing you see here, the same one that might not know where she is staying next yet sure finds a way to make sure she’ s got a place, the same one who pushes herself every day, the same one that is too hard on herself too and so on and so forth…

During the past few months I’ ve had the chance to be reminded of what my life could have been like if I were to have stayed in the same place and well… even though it did seem glamorous, a lot more stable and a lot more income, who knows? Anything else could have happened, anything could have gone either way, anything could have just made it turn…

Now, this is just a tidbit where I leave the story till here since there is still a lot to discover because I will reach deep down and find myself even more, because I do want to get closer to you, closer to me and closer to being a helping hand. Plus, I always love to get your feedback!

Sure, I will continue to stand out meanwhile, there is really no way of pinning me down to a certain area, to a certain age, to a certain picture perfect frame… sure, I will continue to discover and make my story a lot more interesting and different… and that is my way of doing things. I am pretty sure by now I have come to accept that that is a fact, I have also gotten to know myself a ton more and the writer in me wants to come out to play a lot more.

Tune in for more! Share your story! You know the drill.

Team Flyer, thank you!

The Always Believer



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