a’MAY’zing MAY.


Hello dazzling friends, family, fans, followers…

How is it going? Almost and basically starting the sixth month of the year. “Like wow. Like totally freak me out. I mean, come on, flyers, we are number one” Excuse my cheerleading cheers making their own way out, as they can. Seriously, where did the past six months go?

I wanted to update you all because you have been so great to me. Plus, a gossipy bunch!  Just kidding! I am not too good in being all sarcastic and tease people through online typing. Anyhoo, I appreciate all your questions and wanting to know more about my latest!

This is a time of changes, another school year has passed by. No, it does not indicate that I have been a full-time student, it indicates as any other school year, my all around school teaching job has come to an end. Meaning, hello to goodbyes and hello to fresh new faces. I’ve recently said bye to my darling little loves, this year it was 8-10 year olds. And starting soon, hello University students all Summer long.

Pretty big change, right?

What lies before me, all I know is the next few steps… teaching while I write, writing while I teach. As a long schedule in the real world ends, a new begins right here. It is those moments I would get my point across, those moments that I will want to reach out more to people, upgrade the site and make my own path. You´ll see. We are going to make it.

This month, holiday plans were made too. I am excited to have a proper 18 days of holidays. Not all together, 9 days and 9 days and it is for the best. I will be traveling around the world, visiting friends, family and most of all, making new memories. Because, really folks, it is the best way to spend your time, making those memories count!

As I went job hunting for next school year in teaching, I discovered that I have said this sentence quite a bit: “I’ve been teaching for the past 10 years.” Then, as I reflect on that now with you, “I have been teaching for the ten years!!!” Yikes! Talk about a milestone in a career. I’ve gotten great replies and moreover, I have been trying to keep myself calm. Why? I love planning my whole year ahead of time, knowing where I will be and go.  This comes from way before, when I didn’t have clue and lived on the go! Since then, I did my best to get everything as organized as I can.

Meanwhile, in the real world, my real love is living the moment. I love to travel and be able to get up and do my own thing. As of right now, the whole world is my possibility. And it is something wonderful to hold. This year has been a transition, learning to travel light in more than a couple of ways, waking up and smelling the roses and getting excited all over again. Breaking up from a friendship you really thought that was able to survive is hard. Yet once more, I am thankful it happened. Heartbreaks, bruises, screw-ups, broken smiles seem so old news by now and that only means that I have put one foot in front of the other and continued moving. I stand before you, ready to go, steady and free. I want to make all this my world, going from my long path career of teaching to writing, helping, challenging, encouraging, growing… all right here.

May brought me full circle. May gave me a new light. May gave me strength. May gave me energy to keep on going. May gave me power to learn from my mistakes. May gave me love to spread all around. May gave me courage. May gave me that extra reminder: as people walk out, as doors shut close… that is when you are able to open your arms and eyes wide to let in what is meant to be.

Lastly, my full-time loves!

An extra:

Some recap pictures of it all, some of my students (they are edits, as they can´t be fully shown) and as usual, edits with awesome sentences!

Lastly, shown below, showing some cat love with Suenalo love – check out my bro´s band: www.suenalomusic.com 

Pick a fav, let me know, show some love! 🙂











Gloria and Ariadna collage May






























With all this said and done, off I go to catch another plane and keep flying high! Catch you all when I get back!

Be sure to let us know what have you learned this year so far or drop by and say hi, quote us, spread the love… 🙂

The Always Believer



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