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Hello Team Flyer!

Today is quite a day for me over here in this side of the world. I am changing closing one door and re-opening another one…

Today, I get to have a two-week holiday. The last two-week holiday I has was way back then in 2013. This time barely going anywhere, partly because of income and partly because it came out of the blue, even though I’d love to be travelling forever more, I’ll be doing my best to relax as much as I can. This is tricky. Because as you know I do have day jobs that are 40/50 hours a week and then on top of that, I write and create this page as much as I can. My friends know it and I realized it not so long ago: Not only am I crazy cleaning lady, I am also in love with working. Yup, every moment of my time that I can is related to finding new ways to make my work… well, work!

Within these next two weeks, it is in my best intention to rest. I know what’s up, I want to take advantage of the time to explore more online options, spread my wings even further and make sure I have things as organized as possible. Dose of reality? My friends are making me relax. And they are right and they know I need it. Not only because of everything that has been going on the past couple months, but also because what is ahead of me. I’ll be working all year-long. And what is in front of me: time to enjoy the moment. You know me well by now, I barely take holidays. It’s life, I go from one job to another and get things paid. Blessed to have everything I need to continue living, I must say my body is aching for a break…


The Always Believer B1


What is going to happen in these two weeks? I am not sure because in my point of view, all I see is work. Work on my page and spending my days writing. Yes, it is what calms me, yes, it is my passion, yes to all that and more.  I want it so much that I am willing to work smart at it every chance I get. You know that well since you’ve read on previous posts all about the small schedules changes that I do in order to make my dream come alive. Still and all, I need to rest. I’ve not realized that until now.

As you see, dear Flyer, it is the tales of a chaotic mind. It is the tales of getting back up and learning about oneself. I am happy to re-open my doors to this Summer job because it will give me more peace. I am happy that my friends let me know that they are there and it is me who needs to open that door. I am thrilled to have a darling boyfriend by my side, no matter who relatively new we are and how some things are still new, we are working with each other every day and continue living adventures….



I am in love with the idea of taking this page going further and farther each step of the way… since this is my biggest passion and goal. I am in love with the fact that I can take a break… I will make myself go outside and soak up the sun… Whatever these two weeks may bring, I’ll take it all with the greatest of smiles and biggest of accomplishments. Stay tuned for what I did and on how my journey goes…

Let’s bring it!

Spread the love,

Ariadna Arredondo

PS: Inward and out!

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