Another list that will….

Make your life a more wonderful place! 

Following up last Monday´s post, we decided to add some on! Here we go!

1) Go to bed on time.

Okay, we are not saying to have a bedtime, for all that matters, we want you to go to bed at more or less the same time every day. (or almost every day) Just set a routine and unwind before bed, make sure you catch your extra zzz’s.

2) Do one thing you have been putting off since always.

Whatever it is, stop procrastinating. Yup, come on, get off your high horse and start to remember those things that you have been meaning to do. Set some time in your schedule to do them. Not in a year’s time, now. Look now.

3) Feelings.

Speak about them. Speak to that certain someone who has been on your mind for a while about that topic you need to vent about. Whether it is to dig deep down or just have a chat about everyday challenges, speak about your feelings. You’ll feel better, stronger and a lot closer to that person who you decided to share them with.

4) Appreciate!

Say thank you all the time. Acknowledge when someone is going out of their way to do something for you and that you are able to be by their side and say thank you. You got them, they got you. Spoil them, cherish them, say thank you.

5) Jump!

Take a risk – small, medium or big. Jump for it, let that fear go and get lost to find yourself again. It is always your call. It is always up to you.

6) Time out!

Get time for you. Make time for you. Once a week or once every two weeks, make time for you.

7) Believe and do.

First, start by believing that good things coming your way.

Next step, do.

Before we get to do, smack- dab right now, hope and believe in good things.

Make a list, read it every day, let it sink in.

8) Honor those who make the world a better place

Look up activists and trailblazers who you admire. Talk about them, let that positive vibe go around. Or, directly, talk to those who you admire and let them know. Take time to reflect and get informed about these amazing human beings to make the world a better place doing what they love to do.

9) Bring something in at work/at home.

You know how when we were kids we had “Show and Tell”? For those who didn’t it, all we had to do is bring in something that we loved, show it to the class and tell them about it. It was a wonderful day because you got to learn about other things while hugging your favorite teddy bear all day long. This is the same in the adult world. Take advantage and bring sweets to the office, bring a home cooked meal… do something to make their day better. What is even better than coming home from school/work and finding out that your parents/loved one brought home pizza for dinner?

10) Up that selfie game.

No need to post them up if you are all shy about it. You can, however, send them to your mom. She will love them! Or send them to your best friend. Or send them to someone you know that is having a rough time as a way of cheering them up. Be proud to flaunt your awesome self around, let the world see. Or at least, your own world see!

All in all, be you, be yourself, try your hardest, do what you love and keep that head held high.

You got what it takes, babe.

If you got any other ideas, please comment below. And if you have any cool stories, please share them in our #GoDoFly section. We are always pleased to hear from you!

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The Always Believer


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    1. Awe, thanks love. And thanks for commenting! I love your Good Vibes section on you page and your style pics too. If you ever want to collaborate with any of the movements or segments, feel free to! Will be thrilled to have your positive vibes around my page! Have a rocking day! Spread the love!

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