Are you moving?


Hey you!

Are you moving?

Are you letting yourself continue forward or are you stuck in a past point?

This is what this is all about… Hate and revenge are your cancer. Don’t let hate and revenge become your cancer. Free yourself from the pain and agony trying to get back at someone, trying to settle a score. Your business is business of life, go on with your life. Let bygones be bygones.

We wanted to remind you that your life is better when you let things go. If there is someone bothering you for whatever wrong they did you and all you do is wish for revenge, your life comes to a full stop while their life continues. Sure, it is good to stand up for what you believe in, sure it is good to speak your mind. However, how productive is it to keep running after someone/something that has hurt you in the past without going forward? What is the use of bringing up past drama or even drag it along as you go?

Hence, our question of “Are you moving?” You are your own driver, you got the goals, the position, the mindset to keep on going…. it is up to you to keep going. The rest will sort itself out. Let that anger go and breathe in positive energy to your life. Focus your energy to that positive outlook in life.

This is just a quick reminder this week to keep on going, to push yourself harder each day and most of all, let it go. Take it step by step, take it easy, take the time you need, just keep moving forward.

And if you think this message would be useful to someone you know, spread the word. Help people out too. We want you to move, we want you to move towards your happy place. Let it happen for yourself.

Hope you’re moving more now,

The Always Believer


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