Babe, I´m yours


Babe, I’m Yours.

I’ve had various long-term relationships, from the honest age of 16 all the way to now. It’s been mainly a couple long ones and few short ones, not that I had much time for much more. All of them taught me something, all of them moved me and all of them let me be me.

Through the years of growing up I had the typical love lines of a teenagers, feeling everything for the first time and thinking that there was no one else in the world. I can’t remember much more about that one in particular.  My close friends remind me from time to time that we did have our fights and I wasn’t very happy towards the end due to our age difference. Yes, I was the older one and if that wasn’t enough, I moved out of my house by the age of 17 making that situation a bit more overwhelming for the both of us.

The second long-term relationship was the typical story between a nerdy boy who meets a popular girl, boy falls for girl right away, they became friends, then become best friends, against the odds and slowly and surely, girl falls in love too. They fell in love so deeply that they’ve wanted to run off together, truly living a fairytale story for the first time ever. They lived a happy story for some time, living together and sharing a couple of cats. However, the girl was a world traveler. She had to go and discover what she really wanted to do and as she moved from city to city, their love became a bit more distant. He fell behind while dealing with his own issues. They weren’t a couple anymore, they were just two best friends who wanted the best for each other. Now, there are more details to this story but let’s save that for another time.

Throughout these two, there were a couple more. The first one was a messy one night stand with a roommate. Started out with some wild drinks, curiosity on her behalf, a glimpse of love on my side. After that night and many others, another one came up and this one stole my heart. She had long hair, skinny hips and a killer accent. Being what it may, she got my heart pumping and doing all sorts of crazy things. I loved her as deeply as I loved the one before.  A love story that didn’t last long, both of us were still on the move city hopping all over the world.

As people came and go, a new love came out of nowhere. This one is pretty brand new and still got a lot to discover. Him and me come from the same world but not really at the same time. Is my heart ready to love deeply all over again? I’m finding out. And having a blast doing so.

With this personal insight of love, I wanted to tell you that love is love. With all my partners, no matter how many months or years we might have been together, I love love. I give my heart to them, I tell them “Babe, I’m yours.” By any means, not to hand over your soul or be someone’s object. Not to forget about yourself or think less of yourself. Oh, the contrary, my friend! It’s for them to know that once they got me, they really do. It takes me a long time to settle in with someone, I don’t just jump right in into a relationship, so any word, any action, any time that I might give them is of true value. Either relationship or a friendship, love is love.

This post also comes as a message to forget about labels, people ask me all the time about what I am or who I am… I am a person and I am me. No other way around it. Sure, I have my faults and make my mistakes, I learn to overcome fears and get better with time. I love to love myself and know who and where I want to be.

After that, comes you, comes him, comes her, comes everybody else.

So, if there is someone who comes along in your life that you can tell “Babe, I’m yours”, do it! No labels, no fears, just love who you love and be yourself. There is nothing greater to spread the love and get it back too. Say it to people you admire, people who have touched your heart, people who you want to help, say it to people who you love ….

Family, Friends, Fans: “Babe, I’m yours”

Ariadna Arredondo

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  1. So beautiful. I’m still in the phase of first love, and yes, I want it to last forever (I know it sounds irrational). But it proves love is so much more than what we are capable to perceiving when we’re young.

    1. I agree with what you are saying. Love is meant to be enjoyed, lived and adored at all times, no matter what phase of love it is. You got to go for it, live it and give it all you got. 🙂

        1. I adore your writing and comments. I find them refreshing and reassuring that you are giving all your best with your love… spread the post, spread the love and remember say ¨Babe, I´m yours!¨

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