Baby got back


Hey hey hey my party people!

Oh wait, Summer is over? Oh wait, are those fall leaves that I see around the bend?

When did that happen? I must have missed it when I was putting in all my hard-worked hours teaching my Summer away…. Let´s recap babes.

Hi! I´ve missed you!! I haven´t been around for a while now, life does that to a person. Things keep coming up and days turn into weeks in just like that. As for my Summer, I have been working hard all Summer long. And with long working hours comes weekends full of excitement. It was all about change, change within myself, change of space and a much-needed change of bringing new things into my life.

As I write here, as I tell you my stories, as I tell you who I am and what I do, I can finally say that I have turned over a new leaf, as they say. I have changed the book completely, I have gone up another level, I have reached a higher cloud, put any other metaphor you want in there… 🙂 In simpler terms, with all the work I´ve put in on myself this Summer , I feel lighter and brighter. I am making my dreams come true. How? Because I have put them there. I have cleared out my closet, I have changed apartments, I have changed jobs, I have brand new spaces. Out with the old, in with the new.

It has been a nice start, roller coaster full of some hidden memories and great new memories, ready to keep stepping forward, ready to be back.

As for the title? Baby got back? It´s ¨Baby, I´m back!¨  From here on out, I am giving it my all to create new designs, to stay in touch, to write, write and write some more… It´s going to take some time to get things back on track. As I always say, who cares? As long as we do this with love, patience and care, we will get back in each other´s lifes in the best of ways.

Hit me up with what you did over the Summer, with what is new, with whatever you need! We are happy to be back in the best of ways possible.

Have some Summer goodies!



Give it a whirl, take life for a spin, let yourself go, give yourself time to heal, be you and most of all jump for it!

Tons of love,

The Always Believer

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