Birthday Beach Bash and News Flash!

Hey there Team Flyer!
As you know by now, I had a super birthday beach bash!! My week/month-long birthday celebration has been more than amazing. Forty people showed up to express their love to me and shower me with their stories, hugs and laughs. We had quite a bit of the beach to ourselves… some sat down the whole time, some played volleyball or soccer, some played cards, some went into the water… there was enough space and time to do it all. (Plus, we headed out and painted the town purple or green or red, or whatever color you paint it… got a full VIP treatment up in the club)
As I grow older, I love to continue surrounding myself with loved ones. I realized that since I’ve been moving so much for the past few years that I still don’t have that close-knit circle of friends. Instead of that, I have tons of little circles that at my birthday formed a bigger one. Plus, you could clearly tell how the circles were forming and who was with who.  Even though, it is not a small group for now, I felt the endless and infinite amount of support by all of them. All of them were dressed in red, white and blue, all of them brought snacks and goodies from USA, all of them had something in common: Me. And that just blows my mind away.
I loved celebrating my birthday, both big and small. It is a constant joy to put the loves of my life together and throw a big party. And this one is one that we will all remember. Countless of messages and calls came in these past few days saying how much a great time they had…. and it is something I am proud to say that I helped do. Another great memory along the way.
Here are a few inside pics! Enjoy!


Near or far, no matter what nor where, I will always try to surround myself with people who lift me higher. As years go by, as some friendships come and go, it gives me great pleasure to know extraordinary people who I can call friends.


Moving on, this post on friendship and memories can go on even a bit longer.  We will leave that for another day. Since for now, there are many changes coming and internal thoughts flowing in…. To the point, that I am going to get back and real with you even more.

Most of you know that this site is going to have some great steps forward as far as changes goes and if that wasn’t enough, my life will also have some changes. Changes that turn into progress and with that progress comes wiser and bolder things. If you see that some things take time, don’t worry… I am learning how to balance both changes along the way.

You better know that when those changes come, big and small, we will be a part of something bigger. And continue to spark even bigger. For all those already collaborating, thank you! Thank you for sharing your stories and your love. And for all those who want to participate, send me some love to my inbox.

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Keep spreading the love,

Ariadna Arredondo

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    1. Just another reason why we are friends, one way or another. More things we have in common and I agree in loving all the things you mentioned above!

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