Blogger Blues? Turn them into Blogger Groove!


Hey Team Flyer!

How are you? This Motivational Monday post is all for my fellow bloggers and our endless talks about grabbing people´s attention and getting our message across! If you have ever got stuck with blogger blues, much like any one of us have… welcome to the club, first of all! And second of all, let´s try to turn that around. I am not a super pro at this blogging world, I just know that there tips and tricks are always easy to use and serve as another great reminder.


Participation is key, much like balance, participation is important! 

The more you participate, the better. Not only with other bloggers and blogger communities, also with your followers, through as many media as you can. Not only for the sake of sending your blog into cyber space glory, it is also a great way to gain newfound important connexions. The more you talk to others, leave comments, sent out those tweet shout-outs and spread other people´s work, the better you will grow and even glow. Not only does your name get spread around, you also cheer people´s day. It is always oh so nice to receive comments and we all know, what goes around, comes around. So, pitch in and let the typing roll.


It is okay not to be okay. 

In other words, whatever your post may be about that day, maybe it is a bit darker or up-close than usual, it is okay. It is the face you present to the world, the same one who wants to see the real you. Because sure, there are plenty like us, however, we are the only real us. In other words, whoever really wants to see and know more about us will stick through, no matter the odds of having an off post once in a while.


Help, I need somebody!

If there is something you don´t know in the blogging world, ask for help. Ask away! To other bloggers communities, to one blogger that sticks out to you the most, to whoever you can find. It is also okay to ask. We are all learning, while some are more ahead than others, we are all going though the same, much like life. And once again, no matter how many blogs there are, yours will always be yours and the pace you set it through. So, do it your way and before you post anything, be sure you love it completely.




Numbers, meh… 

One thing is for sure, numbers move like water, they aren´t always steady and they aren´t always the same old drops, don´t let that discourage you… you, darling, are much than just those numbers. You have put yourself out there to shine and to let the world know what you got. You really need to make sure you remember that, you, my darling, are the one that makes your blog you. People come and go and they will stick at some point, meanwhile, keep doing you. Growing, learning and making it your own.


Improve, improve, improve

In this fast pace world, we are meant to run… not, exactly. We all have different paces, nonetheless, one thing is for sure, we all really want to move forward, as far as I know. So, seriously, as you make more posts and pictures, take time to improve, take time to make it better, take time to learn, take time to make your page, once again, more of your own.


Be proud, baby, be proud

No matter the number of posts nor followers, you have done something brave and wonderful. Put your own posts out there for the world to see, put another set of words as unique as the come, just by being you. Be proud of all that you are doing because sure, you could have been watching Friends for the millionth time or catching up on the new Netflix Original… or something or other… nope, you are there finding ways to make your blog better and turn it into your little art piece. Go, you!




Stay active!

As much as we know this is a hobby that some turn into a job, as much as we know that we all have an active social life and career going on, be sure to stay as active as you can. People love hearing other people, people always go back to search people who make them think, make them happy, make them feel something… in other words, even if you don´t have constant posts (even though it is more than recommended, so that way they come back on a certain day even) you are still able to post on any social media you must have by now. Take the one you have most fun with, take the one you think it is the quickest, the one you like, take it… stay active.

And for an extra tip on this end, you can always always always schedule your posts. In other words, take an hour of your time, get creative and then schedule those posts, either through blog or social media, let it do it on its own. Now, that is the real magic.


Any other tips you might have for other bloggers and even myself? Comment down below, be sure to subscribe for many more goodies and happy thoughts!


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