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Let´s talk about being body positive, let´s talk about loving the skin you are in, let´s talk about being positive with yourself, let´s talk about knowing your worth…

So, under all this stress called life, school, work, side hustles, activities, relationships, you name it, you have it, we must remember and be conscious about our own self-care tactics. Much like, body positivity and increased self-kindness, including phrases and mantras, all leading you to strategies that are meant to promote an overall mental and physical well-being and state-of-mind.

In order to have a this healthy, kind, effective lifestyle the main components are a bit hard to define. You must be starting off figuring out what works best for you, in other words, create a definition of health that suits you, that best works for you. And of course, it all depends on you, your life, your decisions. Your choices are what define you and it is up to you to feel good on the inside and out.

When sometimes you don’t feel much like yourself, which is totally normal, all you got to give yourself is self-compassion and non-judgement to yourself. Talk to yourself like a best friend, treat yourself with kindness both inside and out. Let´s talk about different ways to treat your body with kindness, that way your can build both your mental and physical confidence.


There is more to you than the way to look 

It is very easy caught up on the way you look, in every single part of you on the outside. Not only that, but it is also a well-known fact that society has not been the biggest help for that, aside from the fact that we think that everyone else´s opinion count but our own.

One of the ways we have been reading on to gain more self-love is for you to find something once a week, once a day even if you like, that you like about yourself and each time it has to be different. On top of this you can also extend it with why you like that part of yourself. More so than all this, you are more to your identity than your looks, you go beyond all the physical traits, be sure you also get those quality statements in every time you think about what you like about yourself.


Take good care of you

We overlook this so many times, it is also something easy to do. In every journey to a body positive life, the most practical and ideal way of getting things on track is taking care of yourself. Not only by allowing yourself to let go and eat the cake while you are at it, yet by keeping track of your health as well. Things like check-ups, work-outs and healthy food all apply. On top of that, another major thing to keep in mind is talking to oneself about what is the reasonable things you are able to change and focus on that.

For example, if you have a flabby stomach, much like me, you can start working out on your abs and work on your core, on its whole. And focus on that. Instead of your big nose,much like me, granted there is surgery but that is besides the point, the root of it all is to go change the things you are able to, one step at a time. To then, accept the things you can´t change. Focus on the what and where you can change. That is going to give you an extra doses of body love.

You also have to listen to your mental health, since they do go hand in hand. Regarding the fact that if it is mental health you are struggling with, be sure to reach out to someone, be sure to see a professional on that as well. Mental health blocks are as important to deal with and will also guide you to a better image of yourself.



Mantras, babe, Mantras


Mantras, affirmations, quotes, sayings, whatever you want to call them, over and over again… these useful sentences that you will have in your life starting now will help you build your confidence, make you succeed in many of your activities and much more. Hence why this is a great way of practicing body positivity and self-care. These mantras are long-lasting thoughts in your mind that will come up throughout your day reminding you that you are worthy.

Starting with the most important fact in the world which is that there is no one like you, in other and more positive words, you are unique. And this is what makes us, us. From giving yourself a small talk like ¨You´ve got this¨ to a more powerful and deeper ones, you will slowly and surely change the way you think about yourself, both inside and out. You can get these mantras from song quotes to any of our previous posts. These words will help you in a vast amount due to the fact that they rewire your brain because that little voice in your head will turn into a bigger one, pushing doubts away, before you know it. You just got to put it on repeat.


Own it, babe, own it all 

All those compliments you get from time to time and for either physical appearance or other traits, be sure to take them in. You need to realize that they are being said for a reason and take it in with acceptance rather than just not dealing with them. This advice works for both physical appearance as well as other personality compliments. Whether it is the fact that you are always on time, that you turn in excellent work or that you are able to do express yourself well and to the point, own it and take them as they come.

As far as giving compliments go, there has to be two to tango. By giving out compliments, it will allow yourself to open up to new interactions and connections to people, not only by doing this, you will also gain a positive aspect in the way you look at the world around you. By only focusing on the positive.  See, all these things will help you along your day and make it all brighter and cheerful.


What are your lovely thoughts on body love? What do you want to express to the world? And to yourself?

Let us know down below!


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