Bring it all back, now

“Don’t stop,

Never give up,

Hold your head high

And reach the Top.

Let the World see what you have got

Bring it all back to you.

Dream of falling in love

Anything you been thinking of

When the world seems to get to tough,

Bring it all back to you.”


Yes, I sang along as I was typing these lyrics as I know them by heart since forever.

What am I getting at? Go on and make something happen for you.


Not just hope for it, do it. Keep on going and reach for it. Hard work every single day, step by step, one thing alongside the other. That right there and much more is what you do every day, without even realizing it. You are amazing and need to be reminded that this is your song.


Your golden dream is not going to come by itself, it will come as far as you go out and make it happen for yourself. Apply yourself and bring yourself forward with everything you do. Get all the education you can and meanwhile, put that into practice. Don’t stand there watching the rain, get an umbrella and learn how to dance.

Follow your own leads, be determined and make sure it will happen.

Have some following tips and words of advice to better your goals into reality.


Keep your own promises: We need to make sure we keep the promises to ourselves, no matter what we do. Private victories will push you to have public ones. You are your own life, your own source, your own way of doing things, be truthful to your word. And see the change.


Got an idea that you know can work? Put it into action as soon as you can. Great ideas disappear as fast as day turns into night and back to day again. If you think of something useful for your life, something that you know will work to make your life and others better, write it down and do something out it.


Be yourself: Yup, insert your own personality in everything that you . If you need to write and speak professionally, that is great. However, keep your own personality in check. This is the reason why the other side of the business stick is interested in you. Whether it is other companies or followers, keep your own personal touch present. We are all humans, after all.


Have a boss who breathes down your neck? If you are doing everything you can to make the company better and the boss still complains about your way of work, it is time to reconsider where you are. Even more so, if you are asking for advice within the work environment to help out more and get the right tasks for you, and still getting shut down, then it really is time to start looking at the door. A team is a team, there is no space for selfishness in life. Stand up tall after what you believe in and remember that is more than okay to know what you want.


After a day’s work and driving yourself towards something you want, if you got 80% there, then it is okay by all means. You don’t necessarily have to bring it all in to 100% finished work each day, as long as you do your 100% in that 80% of work, you will be more than okay too. Mainly because the last 20% is a glance over or the extra push that you need more energy on. Take that 80% and own it proudly because you went that far today.


Got setbacks and hardships? Own those proudly too. Why? They make your own story magical. They remind you that you worked hard every day to get to where you are and that it was worth it right from the start. Plus, sharing your own stories of achievements and glory, people want to hear all parts too. As you say it out loud, you realize more how important the result is and how your journey just started by doing a little each day.


What do you do every to ‘Bring it all back to you’ moment? Let us know through the comments below. Give us your inspirational story. Spread the love and hit that share button. Let the world in on these tips.


We love to hear from you,

The Always Believer


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