Can´t be tamed



I got a confession to make. I can´t be tamed.

Yup, you read right. It is something needed to be expressed, yup. Why? Because it is the truth, because it is love, because it is what it is.

After all these months of ongoing conversations and open heart to hearts, I´ve got to let you know… just can´t be tamed.

I have learnt that this passion of mine is wild, this enthusiasm, this courage, this falling down and getting back up, this feeling of getting what I want, this scream at the top my lungs to my favorite song is what it is.

My love is wild. My love is what I am. I am who I have always been and forever growing. It is time to begin, it is time to continue. Don´t you understand? I am ever-changing who I am… I am who I am.

My road to self-discovery, all the steps along the way, people come and go, love stays. Sure, there are things that need to be fixed, things that are meant to be recovered or things to let go. I can´t tame my love for spreading love.

That´s it. Just the fact of loving who I am, knowing my faults, knowing my path and most of all, knowing that all I want to do is spread love.

Can you tame what you are most passionate about? Can you tame yourself for not being you? Why would you? Let your wild spirit be.

Keep making yourself happy,

The Always Believer


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