Can you?

Can you?

There she stood, as tall as she could.

She had just run down the hallways.

She ran as fast as she could, as far as her wings had let her indoors.

As she ran, she thought of that previous moment

When she had surprised them

That moment she got up, that moment she made her point clear,

that moment she raised her voice to be heard.

She ran until she reached the doors, swinging them wide open.

She moved out into the sun, her skin gently being sun-kissed

She felt that energy, she felt that love.

There she stood, as tall as she could.

A sensation of power, of pure bliss, came over her.

She felt safe, she felt proud, she felt loved.

As she walked over to the sidewalk, her smile became bigger

Her confidence became stronger and her heart stronger.

That day and that moment was all she worked for.

She got the answer she knew from the start.

All she had to do was stand strong and reach high.

As she kept stepping forward, she let her wings come out.

I can´t wait for her to cross my path again.

I can still see her now, I can still feel her rush, I can still see her excitement.

Can you?

– Ariadna Arredondo

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