Catch my breath


Hola amores!

I just had to catch my breath for a second there…. After a bit more than a year of a big time life change, I need to catch my breath there for a minute.

These streets, these buildings, these people, these feelings! Oh my! Yes, I am just another girl with a million emotions.

But come on, when was the last time you caught your breath? And looked around! Seriously, what is up with that? How often do you look around your room, your house, your car, your work, your neighborhood and open your eyes? It has been more than a year from the change and it hasn´t sunk in yet. And that is a good feeling, not that I am not living the moment, which I totally am… it is a good feeling because I keep on appreciating what is around me. Once a month or so, I walk around the city and take it all in. I haven´t done it for a while and this time I am taking my love public. It is real love. This place, this city, this love is real. Forever? Who knows?  It has been for years, it has been present the past year and even more so, every day. Everywhere I look around, I remind myself ever so often, the right reasons of my big brave move.




Just packed up and moved, yes… I do this often. This time around was to a place that I fell in love with many years ago and wanted to give myself a shot. Thanks to this brave move, I get to experience the life I want. In other words, love the life I live. Is that what you have? Whether it is a city, a hobby, a new instrument to play, a new language or anything else in between, do something for you today. Do it right now, live it. And love it.

It is very important to catch your breath, appreciate your blessing and get out and do things with it. Stop making excuses, stop giving yourself a hard time. And on another related note, if people tell you can´t and want to prove them wrong, that means you think they are right. Feel great, feel your best, take it easy and little by little, get to where you want to be. Be proud, happy and love what you have.

As I write to you a few times a week so I can be part of your permanent smile, do something for you. I did this, this change of pace, this change of place, this website… Open your doors, open your windows… you also can catch your breath…

Have a great one!

Let me know what you do to follow your dream!

The Always Believer

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