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Challenge yourself to a better version of you every day. 😊

Do you think it was easy to hit publish on this picture? Well, it kinda was. I wanted to do so because I wanted to prove to myself how much I love myself in this skin that I am in. No filter and all. 🌟

When was the last time you uploaded a picture where you were 100% yourself? When did you feel that inner love last? 👑

It’s been a year. A full on year. Dealing with #hypothyroidism and gaining what feels like a million pounds, moving from one continent to another, changing my routine, leaving Ohana behind and coming into a brand new situation. Oh yeah, getting married, staying at my in-laws for a bit and building a business from scratch. 👑

And do I have it all together? No! Do I stand up and try again every time I fall? Yes! Do I always want to? No! Why? Because staying motivated, being discipline and taking risks is hard and tiring. What pulls me is that I know the inner strength and passion I have to achieve my goals. 😉

I bet you have the same power. I bet you got that fire within you, ready to come out. Let’s hear each other roar and rise up. And if you need an extra push, I’m here. I got you. Slide into my DM’s and let’s talk. 🙌🏽

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