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How is it going? Today we are talking about creating reality… now, what does that exactly mean? Ideally, it s a way to create your own reality, to make your own personal goals and dreams come true. Sometimes being as simple as studying what you like and making that whole dream that you have been endlessly thinking about since you were a kid come true to making sure that you surround yourself with your on ideas coming true.  Both can be tricky, since one; it would have to mean that you would have known what you wanted to be all your life and most of us don´t really discover that till later and the other one; it means that as you grow and learn and discover, you would have had to observe your likes, dislikes and things of the sort to really discover what you wanted in your life… and yes, both take time and both are hills on hills on hills to climb.

I want you to take a look at yourself and your surroundings. First of all, at yourself. At yourself in every single aspect, both physically and mentally. What are your goals? Did you have any already set up for these dates? Are you where you want to be? Are these goals realistic? Are you strict with yourself to really go after them or did you lose track along the way? How do you feel?


With all these questions, you need to take your time and your own little piece of heaven to discover them. It doesn´t have to be by the end of this post or even throughout the same day, it could happen through many days and ways. The importance of these questions is for you take a look at yourself and really see yourself. It is something useful and easy, once you really get down to it. After answering all these questions throughly, take a look a what you want to change, what can you change and what you do to make your reality better. After all, we all really want to make our own world better, no matter if it is big or small doses, we all deep down want to be better at something,with something or just something…

As you see through these questions and answers, you need to keep in mind that change is of the essence. That you learn through trial and error and that it isn´t fair to yourself to be harsh. Go with those feelings, travel along and move on. Forgiveness is also a key of life. Moving on, both in life and in this post, you will start seeing changes that you have done that affected your life positively. You would see other key qualities in your life that help you from the ground up. Keep those and make those stronger too.



Now, as for your surroundings… what do you want to change around you? What do you want to be better? This can be your surroundings are you are reading this, the place you are, no matter if it is on the go or not, this could be other places that you frequent or even other places that you want to be. Dig deep inside, look outside your area and see what is there. What makes you fully happy? What motivates you in this area? What are things that you would want to keep? All these questions are much of the same as above, from the moment you start answering them and really thinking about them, you are automatically making a change. You are seeing what runs smoothly with your soul and what doesn´t.

And as for last, for now… the trick to creating your reality is to actually do it. Whenever you have thought about all these questions about yourself and surroundings, the next piece of the puzzle is to actually go for it, to actually make that change happen. After all, our comfort zone is way to big as it is and we all know that better things lie on the other side of fear.  Clichés aside, make the change happen. What changes, you may ask? Those changes that you thought about thoroughly these hours or days even. Those conclusions you got out of it when you really thought about yourself and your own personal reality.

Keep that good work up, keep that tune and that vibe… whatever is it that you want, you can imagine it, think it and create it, if you just go for it. Believe me and believe yourself, we have seen it happen far too many times and we know it works.

The Always Believer


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