Dancing during the storm

Hey Team Flyer!

How is it going? Let me fill you in with my week…

It has been quite an overwhelming one, between family news, volunteering news, getting things in on time, helping out a friend through health issues, tying some old loose ends, having deep new conclusions and starting brand new…

It has been quite a week!

Things that I have learned along the way were:

  •  You always always always need ¨me¨ time: It is extremely fundamental to pamper oneself, take time of one and most of all, love oneself. As one is right now and as one wants to be in the future. To love oneself is the open door to all the other wonderful things in life.
  • Great things lie on the other side of fear: We all have been there, been afraid, heart-broken, tired, doubtful… all due to hurt really, one way or another… this is an ideal sentence because it is one to keep close by in time where you make the biggest leaps. This year, this month, today, without going any further, I jumped. I jumped and I let go… With my whole professional life. I am officially a student. I still have to jump in other senses, one thing at a time.
  • Talking about that –  one thing at a time: Yes, step after step. Stop worrying so much for the future, stop thinking everything is due tomorrow like it is the end of the world… Take all the tasks or goals you have in mind and make a list. In that list, prioritize and start doing it from top to bottom.. one thing at a time. Have a calendar, have an agenda, have things in a list to help you calm down and take one thing at a time.
  • After every storm, there always comes a rainbow: And while it is raining, be sure to dance under the rain, dance and dance once more. Make it yours and don´t let its cold wet drops suppress you, you do you, and be sure to always see the positive outcome of each and every storm. It will eventually rain again and maybe even some of the same drops, they are just lessons to be learned and steps to be taken.
  • Inside out: Not only the movie, the whole idea behind it. Vent, let it go, get angry, get sad, get happy, in other words, show your emotions inside out. It is okay to let your close ones what is happening, it is okay to cry and it is okay to be proud of yourself. Celebrate good achievements, shake off what you need and let yourself be heard, inside and out.
  • Eat, Pray, Love: Not only the book and the movie, the whole idea behind it. Start working on yourself, continue to work on yourself.. eat as much as you can, not only actual food… better said, feed your soul with what makes you happy. Pray, meditate, whatever it is that you do to get your inner balance and then, love, love yourself, love others… feel free to love and love again.


These things mentioned above will still take me time, nonetheless, it will sink in because I want them to. The last one is the most powerful and the most summarized… find what you love to do, find yourself, pamper yourself and love yourself.

That is all on my end for now because between my classes, my errands, lunch time in the middle and now on my way to pick up the kiddos for an afternoon of the color festival and live musical. Talk about a magical Friday.

As you read the title, you got to dance after the storm and in between as well. Because if your life is anything like mine, you are dancing in the middle of one and out of the other…

What about you? Share your stories in any of our segments! Would love to have your story shared here and for you to be a bigger part of Team Flyer.

You are all amazing! Remember that!

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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