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Dear me,

Dear me,

This journey with its ups and down is needed. Because every time you fall, you rise.

Because every single time that a boulder stopped your way, you found a way to overthrow it.

Even if it is a boulder that you put yourself, even if the boulder is you.

Because with every particular “drowning” comes a new way of breathing. Because with every dark thought and night comes a brand new light and ray of sun.

Because you know it. You know you choose to rise up every single time.

Because you choose to move forward, take a deep breath and find your focus.

You are real, you are honest, you have self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. Much like the rest.

And every time you choose yourself, that negative self-talks leaves, you learn to forgive yourself and others and you shine through.

Remember, just because we needed a break, we needed to melt, we needed to cry every single day, we needed to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, annoyed and sad…

We are each other’s love, we can rely on each other, we can make big things happen, because we choose love, happiness and to rise. Every single time.


PS: Thank you body for being my vessel, thank you my soul for keeping me aligned and thank you my spirit for keeping the magic alive.


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