Don´t cry over spilled milk

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Yes, we have all talked about this before and yes, we believe that clichés and sayings are useful. Why this one? How is ¨Don´t cry over spilled milk¨ going to help us in our next challenge?

Because it essentially means don´t sweat the small stuff. And that, my friend, is something we need to keep in mind. You see, the small little things that we tend to stress about, to freak out about, the little things that we sometimes give way too much energy to… those, aren´t good for us. We are investing time and energy into something that is not going to be beneficial to us in the long run.

One thing is venting, one thing is letting go and a whole other is to stress about it, to be so on top of it, to be so capable of having this thing take full control of your life… that is the limit. No doubt about it. That right there, needs to be something that you need to take care of right away. And what we mean by that is that to know how to differentiate these moments.

Now, I am not one to stress much about the small things or everything for that matter… yet, I am human and it does happen. So the biggest thing we need to remember in these moments that the small things aren´t as important as it seems. This is a nice reminder for the upcoming challenges because we get so tied up into what we are doing that we forget what really counts.


A few examples I´ve heard recently are: when a loved one is mad and forgets to say ¨I love you¨ before hanging up the phone, when you get a lot of work emails and deadlines all of a sudden and that makes get stressed to the point of not knowing how to organize yourself and even think that the whole world is falling apart in a matter of seconds, or the moment that you are making so many scenarios of ¨what ifs¨ in your head that you don´t know what is real from what is not…So… get out of that scenario for a few seconds and realize the big picture. Get out of your own head and learn that your whole word doesn’t evolve around those five seconds or those simple actions…

Hence why, the biggest reminder that we need to have is to let the little thing go much faster, don´t do your own head in more than needed and these things will sort themselves out, no doubt about that. You will find a solution to that pile of work, be sure to tell your loved ones you care for them no matter how stressed out you are, be sure to don´t let your mind wander anywhere it doesn´t need to go…

What are other ways we can stick to what is important and don´t let the little things come in the way? Let us know about that and your own personal sayings. We would love to know!

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