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Hello there world creators,

Topic of the day: To settle or not to settle?

Settle means stability, which it is very important to have.It gives you safety. It is a place that you are able to be more of yourself. It is something that makes you feel at home and know that everything is all right.

However it not always the case.

That is why on the other hand, when we settle for things right off the bat it becomes automatic. Whereas in some cases that can be a good thing, in others it can lead to losing ourselves more and more.

Have a look-see!

Things we should not settle for:

That line between fear and courage: Seriously, there is nothing worse than being stuck as a third wheel between these two. You can’t move forward nor can’t go back. Don’t settle for this type of feeling, live it with courage and do what you heart feels right.

Any train of thought that you were led to believe in: You know that religion you were raised up with? You know that belief of only marring at “this” age or having a home by the time you were “this” age? All those train of thoughts come from way before you could pick up your own utensils to eat. Don’t let whatever your family led you to believe in be the last and final decision in your life. Feel free to live your own thoughts by your own rules. You are your own person.

Salary, appraisal or anything that is below you: Stand up for yourself, work hard at what you do and ask for what you deserve. Showing your hard work, letting that person know that you deserve more because you have worked hard at it. That right there is power, that right there is another step forward.

Making everyone else happy: Yup, we are guilty of that, or almost all of us. There is no right nor law that says we have to make everyone else happy all the time. You have to make yourself happy. You have to look out for yourself. Plus, in every relationship, every single one, there is a balance. A meet me halfway balance. This one right here is important to remember. That is all.

Handle everyone’s bad mood: Specially when you are in a bad mood, people thing you are just being selfish. There is nothing nice about dealing with someone’s temper. Sure, there could be cases of close best friends or family members and let a few things pass by. We are allowing them to be themselves. But don’t let all of it pass by. You are a human being and treated as such, not being constantly yelled at. And keep in mind, if you are in a bad mood and people complain for little to no reason around you because of it, you are in the wrong crowd.

People who use you at your every need: A big no no! As I stated before, we want people through thick and thin and that is all. All relationship are half way. To those who use, abuse, control you at their very need, let them go. Walk away.

Knock your self-confidence: People take completions too seriously and turn everything in life into one. Not cool! Just because you failed your last math exam or didn’t win the race doesn’t mean that you are capable of doing so. There are certain people who as soon as you lose at something, they take advantage and knock you on the ground. No need for that, don’t settle for that type of “pep-talk”. Seriously, surround yourself with people who are there high and low.

A body that is not quite what you wanted: In other words, if there is something you don’t like about your body, change it. It is in your power. There is no need to be complaining every day without doing anything. It is not a “What if” situation. Change it and make it your own. Be proud of it.

You as you are now: Let’s be realistic. We change every day. Just because you like something today doesn’t mean that you will always like it. We shouldn’t have to be thought upon as people who are always the same. You change, you evolve, you learn and you continue.

Accepting jobs, activities, etc that you don’t want: Simply because you are afraid of losing, afraid of changes, afraid of making decisions…. Thinking you need a certain job just to keep things the way they are is not a good choice. At the end of the day, things won’t be the same because you will end up miserable and under pressure.

Under Pressure: Someone pressuring into something you don’t want or worse, pressuring yourself making your life become smaller. There is no need for pressure. Although sometimes it is considered a good thing, being it could be an extra push and all. When it comes down to it, too much pressure of being someone who you aren’t or doing something you don’t want, it will wear you down. For sure, something you should not settle for.

Being second best: If that person just treats you like an option whereas you are treating them as a priority, something has got to change. Self respect and open your eyes, surround yourself with people who celebrate you as you them.

Not having your heart in something: Sure, we love giving out 100% in everything we do and that is the best way to do things. Heart included. If you heart is not in that job, in that relationship, in that activity, let it go. You need to be sure of what you are doing and letting it make you happy, each step of the way.

Darling world creators, 

These are just a few reminders of when not to settle. I want you to love yourselves and have fun in life. Live happily and spread the love.

Any more you want to add on the list? Add on! Let me see those comments!

Treat others the way you want to be treated, after all, what goes around comes around.

The Always Believer


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