Dreamcatcher of mine


Dear Dreamcatcher of mine,

You are the one that picks my feet of the ground, the one that makes me fly away towards my dreams, you are the one that helps me let go and lets me know that it is ok to fly even higher.

Dreamcatcher of my life, you win me over every time we talk, you make me laugh in the oddest of times, you embrace me with your continuous faith, your hardworking attitude and everlasting smile.

My dear little dreamcatcher, we are not so little anymore, we are still stars with the spark in our eyes, we are living one day at a time, we are overflowing with ideas of love and random thoughts through an endless voice message.

Today, as year ago, today, 10 years ago, today, a year ahead, today, 10 years ahead, our bodies forever have spoken. You are with me, I am with you. Same page, not the same book, same thoughts, not the same mind.

You push me, you tell me the truth, you wrap me with drunken words, you fulfill my endless thoughts. As I put my anchor down to hug you every so tightly, I smile across the ocean, I reach higher and let you know, once again

Always Believe kid.

We got much more dreamcatching to do, we got many more seas to sail.

I love you,

Your Anchor


(This post is dedicated to my sister. She is everything mentioned above and more. Thank you sis.)


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