Early Bird Special

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Early Bird Special:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” ~ Ben Franklin

We are always putting things into labels, from Early Bird Special to Happy Hour and more. And it involves many things like marketing, socializing and even self-confidence. Not going to get into that, I want to focus today on “Rise and Shine” moments. In other words, how helpful it is for us to get up early and take better advantage of our day!

It is not only proven that wealthy people like Bill Gates and Ellen Degeneres are early risers but it is also stated that even though we all need different hours of sleep, our brain cells are much more receptive in the early hours of the day.


Some of the reasons why waking up early rocks!

1) Exercise! Yes, you can exercise any other moment you can, however it is the part of the day that is more free. Sure, you can go twice a week, after work, on Sunday mornings. The reality of exercising in the morning is that you would not call it off. It might take you some time adapting to waking up early but once you get there, you will have your schedule set. All this leading you to live a healthy lifestyle full of energy too.

2) And what comes after the exercise? Breakfast. We all know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Usually we are so busy catching up after hitting the snooze button so many times that we barely have breakfast. We skip over it like if it was no big deal, leaving our body on empty to run for the rest of the day. So, wake up early and enjoy a good breakfast. Enjoy your first steps of the day as you like. It is often said that depending how you spend the first moments of your day it will reflect on how you spend the rest of the day.

3) There is so much less noise in the morning. You can benefit tons just by getting to work early to an empty office, to less traffic, to less kids going to school and more. You are able to concentrate more when there is less happening around you. Those key hours are the best because the more you work then, the smoother your day goes.

4) Energy. Yup, that is right. Getting a decent night’s sleep and waking up early can lead you to have more energy for everything you need to do that day. Not only waking up in a better mood, either to do exercise or have a nice breakfast, but also will tone for the rest of the day. You will feel much more accomplished and ready for the next adventures. As the day goes, there are plenty of things that pop up. Instead of having them pile on, as you started the day early, it will be easier to handle.

These are just a few fun facts about getting up early! I want to share with you the following images and remind you that you know yourself better than anyone. Do what is best for you and do it good!

A few more tips!

Prepare everything the night before, from what you are going to wear to what you need to bring to your next day. It saves so much time in the morning!

Do it slow.Nice and slow.If you usually wake up at 10 am,start putting your alarm clock a half an hour before, then slowly transfer it getting to where you want to be. Let it be 8am or 6am.

By the time you wake up as early as you want, keep taking it nice and slow. Take pleasure in what you are doing. That hard work exercise, that nice sip of coffee, that calm drive to work, smile and be conscious that you are making some changes in your life.

Have a reminder to motivate you, have something nearby every day to remind you why you are doing what you do. Why you are taking your time to sleep in early and wake up early to another day. Keep yourself motivated and as always, tell your loved ones. They will ask you how are you doing and keeping up with everything.

And of course, treat yourself to rewards. Make yourself proud as you wake up early, take advantage of your time and have energy for more things.

Live the life you want,darling!

Push yourself, embrace and love it.

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