Embracing the moment

Why, hello  kiddos of mine…

I´ve been missing you already.

Let´s get to it:

Between the holidays being around and end of the year coming along, there´s always a time to reflect upon the past year as we enter a new one.

We tend to remember and sometimes regret things that we have done whereas I truly hope you rejoice on those beautiful memories of the year more than anything else.

Those moments that made you wonder how you lived life without them… those moments that made you realize that you have everything you need is right in the palm of your hands… those moments where all you did was smile and love over and over again.

My December hasn´t been all the best if you see the little details, whether if it was health or money issues, its been a constant up and down rollercoaster…. Sure, I got mad, I got sad, I got sick, I got it all…

I took some days off to rest up and recover, both mentally and physically. Both in my mind and soul. All over. It was much-needed after all these upcoming news and feelings, all these new occurrences that keep coming one after another… Because that´s the thing, the world doesn´t stop… Your heart keeps feeling and your mind keeps opening tabs like if it was that was the best option.

Not only was the world handing me curve balls, my heart was in two worlds. Oh the mix of it all! Might I add, also got a brand new job this month. No wonder my body couldn´t take it anymore, it was a lot to carry on one´s shoulders. As stated above, I cried, I talked, I did yoga, I danced, I celebrated, I did it all. And coming to that very end, just took mental health days. I love talking things out, I love figuring it out through words, through countless hours of conversation with the ones that you need to talk it out the most.

As I am still not fully recovered from this December batch of bumpy roads, life continues. And with it, so will I. For the past few months that might even be a full year by now, I have learned even more so to dive in and embrace the moment… To fill my life with ¨The Right Nows¨ and take instant decisions that will make my day-to-day life better. I have also learned not to over-run myself, something that sometimes seems like an impossible task. And another thing, once more, keep letting it go once and for. Learning that we all grow up and people walk into separate paths all the time, so take what you can and enjoy the moment while you have it…

Let 2015 come, let´s move forward with it. Let´s make it into a bigger hit than this year, let´s work to make our dreams come true, now that is what on my mind.

And how about you? Are you embracing the moment?

Happy end of the year folks, let the next one be another one to remember!


The Always Believer 🙂




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