Ariadna Arredondo,  Motivational Monday

Embracing the parts that I skillfully avoided till now. And that’s the adventure of life.

This is the real life me. Every single part of me is real. And I find beauty is this. And beauty in me. All of me, exactly how I am.

And be sure to remind yourself when you’re scrolling social media, you are where you need to be.

No need to get hung up on people’s highlight reel when your life gets chaotic, because everyone’s life does.


Healing takes time.

It’s okay not to be okay.

Let all those emotions go. Feel it out.


What a month, as soon as I take a step forward, two sent me back. And on days where I just feel like crying, giving up, confused, hurt and angry …

I take a deep breathe and do lots for myself. And even if it feels like it’s not enough, the lesson is still not learned, you still want to cry, you got so many ideas running around that you want to manifest and do…

It’s time to be (even more) patient with yourself.


I don’t have all the answers, I take big leaps and high jumps.

Deciding a huge life change as we speak while I keep pushing forward, while I keep being grateful, while I keep getting back up, while I keep feeling my emotions.

I may turn distant to come within during this process. I may reach out for help too. Probably both. Because balance is key.


Pulling the energy back towards me, raising myself into a higher vibration and ground, as I allow myself time for this next life decision.

Even if it feels like I don’t know what I’m doing, because who does? All I know is that you got to follow what makes you the happiest and the most balance.

With discipline, bravery, kindness and patience.


How do you make big decisions?


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