Every Single Day

Hi there Team Flyer!!

How´s it going? How you feeling? How you doing?




Let´s do this thing called things we can do every single day to love more and be kinder to ourselves.


  1.  Brand New Start- that is what every single day is. It is a brand new start. No matter the ups and downs of yesterday, yestertown, yesteryear…. today is brand new.



2.  Eat healthy…. Don´t go changing all your food habits and go all vegan if you don´t want to, just choose a        healthier option, specially when it comes to the first thing in the morning. Your future self will thank you for it.


A little less of this…

And a little more of this:



3.  Walk it out! Come on, 10 minutes per day or more… do you know how relaxing it is to walk around the                           block? Just observe and just do nothing else but walk?! It cools of your mind, it is healthy for your body                         and it is the best and cheapest thing to keep you in shape.



4. That thing that only takes a minute of your time? Do it now! An errand that needs to be done as soon as                          posible, do it now. Just be who you need to be and stand up and do it.  Why wait for tomorrow? Or even                        worse, add more things to tomorrow´s list?



5.  Every day habits! Yes, those things you do every day will make a difference in the long run ,whether they are for good or bad, they are able to make your whole life become one thing or another. Try to add positive things to your day and let them become habits, whether it is waking up to soft music instead of springing from your bed or having a nice 10 minute walk around. You got this.



Okay, Team Flyer, these are just some hits and tips on what you can do every single day… Let´s get out there and start living the dream!


What things do you do every day? Let us know!

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The Always Believer


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