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Everyone gets a freebie!

Dear Team Flyer,

Anyone who signs up for the newsletter, that is!

Let’s be real, I caught your attention, didn’t I? Now that we are all here, want to hear what my freebie is? A live webinar with me! We are going to talk about spirituality and self-loving tips for the new year. And giving you inside tips of what is to come and some personal time with me.

All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter and that is it! I’ll add you all onto the list for the Webinar on January 13th, 2020.

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This one-of-a-kind webinar includes information about spirituality, mindfulness and a way to own 2020. A quick 30 minutes introduction to the many things you can find here, at The Always Believer. Adding to this is a quick Q and A too! I’d love to answer some of your questions and get closer to you too. This webinar is designed to help you grow, glow and get the conversation going between you and me.

The Always Believer is all about community. Sharing my story alongside yours. Being able to help you reach your full potential too. Mind, body, and soul. All in one and inclusive. Let’s start the decade the right way!

And if it is more goodies you are after, be sure to take part in our Podcast Facebook Membership group. There are monthly giveaways for one on one times with me, live where we talk through meditations, motivation and more, sneak peek on what is coming next, getting first dib appointments for tarot and more, so much more. Join us through here and let’s make this year glow even brighter.

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We are also proud to announce that #GoDoFly is here! Yup, it is back and ready for action! And this time, with a super special partner too!

#GoDoFly is bringing your story to life. It is all about becoming part of bigger and greater. It is all about standing up and proclaiming your story. The main goal behind this movement is to let people know they are not alone. To remind each other that through hard work and consistency, your dreams can come true.

This edition comes with a special partner too!

A brand new podcast!

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With The Always Believer Podcast, we are able to shine a light on those stories. Whether you feel like participating in both or just the blog, it is all good. Be sure to catch the freebie while it lasts too! Meanwhile, we are happy to bring these stories closer to you and what you do.

Thinking of someone? Tag them along. Share this post! Share on your page, to your family and friends. The more, the merrier. We are all here to help each other grow and make magic happen!

Have the best rocking day!

The Always Believer

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