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Hiya Team Flyer!

How you doing? Now, for the past few weeks we have had constant reminder about changes and challenges that we have put ourselves. We have given ourselves a priority, a goal, a life-changing thing to make our life better and let it go further down the path.

Good, one thing at a time, good, baby steps, good, real good… a couple days, weeks, months even, later… how are we? Have we started? Have we continued? Let me talk about me first and keep my end of the bargain.

Going back to school to change my career and turn my life around into better was mine. I made the decision January 3rd and by February 1rst I was already enrolled to take the official exam in May to get into college. Juggling all my jobs and volunteer work, I managed to get in. Furthermore, I thought of a way to manage paying for school while still working and matching the schedule.

I started mid-September. I hit it big time. I just started, so there is going to be tons of these coming on up, really. How do I feel? Extremely happy and confused. Why confused, you might asked? I´ve just done something with my life to make it better. This, however logical it may feel or seem like, it isn´t logical at all. Needless to say, it is something we all are constantly learning, no matter the age. To do things to make our lives better, no matter what it may be. So, confused? Because it is brand new and it is actually something so big that it is clear to see that this step is going to be of a help. Do I love what I am studying? I know I have a deep passion for most of it, I know that I have been thinking about it for some time, I know these things…. yet, I don´t know if I am near to that love it factor.



Am I doubting myself? No, not really. I just don´t know what to make it. I just threw all my cookies in an unknown bag that is named ¨passionate about this hobby and this can be my life.¨ not one named ¨this is my life.¨ Okay, okay…. If I really think about it… I do want this to be my life, I do want to create a million designs, keep writing and grow, grow, grow in this field … maybe it is doubt, after all.  Despite this semi conclusion and kinda fear I am feeling when something negative pops up, all in all… my energy wheel keeps on spinning, my old cheerleader self kicks in and wants to give me a big shout and even if the voice is weak, my eyes look around my studio and all it can see are countless positive signs that I deliberately put in a couple months ago for these moments….

Throwing the towel is not an option! What is? Learning more about me, learning what I want to do and finding out my passion all along the way… Regardless the time it takes out of social life, my three hour commute back and forth, my low paycheck and lack of sleep… I am giving myself a shot. And therefore, keeping my eyes on my dream. Yup, I really really am. This is that kind of thing that I have been thinking about for the longest of times and here I am, on top of my mountain that is just starting…. A whole brand new world…



Wow… I am here, books in hand, notes to take, things to study, oh so many things to study, oh so many many many things and projects… who am I?  Am I really in college? Am I really learning what I love? Oh my!

Of course, you will see and read many of these along the ride, I want to share it with you, whether it is two paragraphs or the next J.K. Rowling sized-book. Now, back to you:

You get the idea, you have chose something to do in the past few months, something you wanted to change, something you wanted to add, something you wanted to go all in, something that makes you you… what it is? I know it is there… how do you feel about it? Are you still pursing it? Are you reminding yourself? If you need your own set of personal reminders, that is what I am here for. You can check my story out, add your own and let´s make a party out of it. That is the biggest gift I can give you, hand in hand and making it together.

All in all, go follow you dream and always keep your eyes on your dream, always, always, always. Got it?

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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