Feeling alive

Hello my fellow life wanderers,

Feeling alive. What is that such thing? 

For me, it is this moment, it is this instance, it is this right here, right now, this. I broke down into tears of excitement, tears of joy, tears of finally making it, just  a mere seconds ago. This year comes to an end, this whirlwind of a year that has  brought me new paths, glories, heart breaks and hopes. It has taught me that in life, you got to keep going after what you want to do, go after who you want to be.

You are free  to be any person and you are all that you give. When love comes calling, remember to be you and do what you do. 

I changed my job four times, I moved three times, I let go of past friends, I continued hanging on to real friendship, the kind that you expose yourself through tears, fears, hopes and hugs. I talked once more to old timers and to newbies, I got drunk in random cities and explored new spaces, I traveled in a heartbeat and fell in love. Moving from one idea to another, from one step to the next, against all odds and making my real dreams come true as I discover myself.

All is freeing, all is good, my love is my own being and I share what I can. If you share love, you can get love of your own. Sure, it might sound mystical all the way up to now, as this is a site in building, this is a person in the making. Step by step, you are going through this with me, as I listen to your story too.

As the year goes by and a new one will start, we will make some new-found changes here to and adapt to each other as we go.

Friends who stand next to me through thick and thin, familiar voices that spring to the music in my head, dance step that fill the way I walk the city, family who come through to fill the days with happy moments…. thank you. 

What makes you feel alive? What makes your world a better place? What do you do to make your life a more of a happy tune?

This feeling alive moment is the highest feeling of love I can feel. Who knew? Who knew that there was a way to get this high up? That there was a way to overcome and shine? Oh yeah, I did.

Always believe, always do, always go.

That is right, through the darken storms, we all knew that whatever is meant to be is meant to be.  I will continue with my story, today, tomorrow and always.

What about you?

Feel free to say hello, to let us know and fall in love with your life while doing so. We love talking to you!

The Always Believer

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