Five years in the making and more


Hey MBB,

Five years already, five years later… five years of everything. Life has thrown to us, everything in between, five years of this.

And then some more, then to those five years, let’s add four more years to the mix, yup… nine in total, of once again, everything in between.

That sounds about right, that sounds exactly like reality. Yup, this is how it is. This is you and me, standing on separate views, hand in hand from afar, different point of views, same spirit.

What more can I tell you? What more can I say? Congrats to the both of us, for making it this far. Because this is friendship, this is life, this is what we both worked hard to get to. The whole nine years, the whole time through the storms and sunshine, this is me and this is you.

This is between me and you. I got you, you got me. End of story.

Since I know your eyes will drift off to the next thing in your vision, just want to say thank you. For many more to come, for many more laughs, jokes and personal stuff along the way, let it be what it is.

Let it live.

Always Believe,

Your HB.



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