Follow your lead, take your time, enjoy life: at any age.

Hiya Team Flyer,

If you have enough drive and self-will to make your own dreams into a reality, then go for it and good for you. If you just want to stand in the sidelines as you are really laid-back and happy with your life the way it is, then so be it. Don’t get all nervous or in a frazzle by forcing yourself to have all these unattainable aspirations. Be who you are, make the most of your job and from then on, enjoy every moment of your life. No matter what is around you, be who you want to be.

If you realize that all the people around you are married with kids, chill first. People live and love at different times. In other words, don’t get on the train if you don’t feel like it. Forcing yourself into a relationship or into a further step within it will only make your life more stressful. You will get there, you will have your turn, take a chill pill and take your time.


Go to live concerts as much as you can. Music is one of the most powerful triggers for memory and shared experiences. You will have that bond for life, because as soon as you hear that tune, you will be in a more cheerful mode, making every moment worthwhile. Enjoy life.

Travel, travel for a weekend, travel for a few days, travel. Learn about other cultures, get a break from your city and venture off. Enjoy whatever comes your way. In addition to this, learn from your mistakes. Either travelling or at home, learn from them. You need to embrace them. Whatever they may be, from a office heart-break or getting a bit too drunk on a random weekday.

Enjoy time together. Make time for your friends. Get off your phone and go to them. Okay, call them first and set a time. Then, just be with them. While sending cute hearts and other emojis are awesome on its own, they don’t count as full communication. Call them, talk to them, get together with them.

Follow your lead. Love comes and goes and always stays. Talk to your partner, talk to your friends, talk it out. It sounds obvious, yet after a while, you get to point that you don’t ask about the other person’s feelings nor talk about yours as much. Talk it all out. The outcome might not be what you expect, you still got to know that both of you are on the same path, you still got to speak your heart out and make sure you are doing more than fine.

And talking about love, follow your lead, follow your heart. Whatever relationship it may be, if needed, let it go. You might find that you are on different paths or just not into the same things anymore, if that is the case, let it go. No need to fidget it around, to force it nor anything like that. Let it be. And another thing, for whatever the reason you fall into different tracks, life may put you back together if its meant to be. Cheesy and the full truth.

You are perfectly able

On the same page of following your heart, introducing your loved one to your family and friends doesn’t have to be scary. You let them in to your life a bit more because it means that they are important to you and you are able to share both worlds this same thought. And while you are it, take pictures with them. Make the most of the moment and experience. Anytime you are together with your family, take pictures. With friends, loved ones and more! Remember to be in them!

Take your time…. get the balance right of going out, staying in and all that jazz. You need to sleep as much as the next person and you also deserve to have fun. So, get into a healthy routine that lets you do both. Have endless conversations, dance a little, have some great fun….

Dude, dudette, let go of those insecurities too. They ain’t going away anytime soon, however you can do it by doses. Its exhausting to constantly reinforce your partner about how good they look or that you weren’t checking someone else out, just looking where the bathroom was. Be good to yourself, get self-confidence step by step. Be your own cheerleader and be someone else’s. You have built the courage to share your thoughts, so stand strong and cheer all the way.

And on the same note of letting go, one less problem: know when to say goodbye. When you have a relationship or a job or a hobby or anything you have enjoyed with years in the making, to then all of the sudden feel like its dragging you on, stop and analyze why. Sometime another try does the trick, sometimes it just that you and this certain thing are on two different paths, sometimes it wasn’t meant to be. In other words, learn when to walk away.

All these things are things we know… and the essence is:

Follow your lead, take your time, enjoy life: at any age.

We sure hope that these life reminders are more than helpful. Spread the knowledge around, share it and spread the love.

We all need reminders.

The Always Believer

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