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What is up, homies!

Before you start your day, sit down with yourself. Get out a pen and paper that you have nearby and write down the following:

Three happy Small-Big things in Life:




This list is for a daily reminder on three small big things that make you happy. In other words, appreciate all the little things way more than you do now. Food? Shelter? Health? These things are usually all taken for granted, so it is time to take it all back now. Back to the basics and remember these small things, that are actually big things.

My Top Three Priorities in Life:




Focus your attention to the right place. This is an essential step to have and do because thanks to this you will have a clear and focused mind. What is the most important thing for you now? A work project? Family? Personal goals? Social life? Your art, debt, sports, the weather? Anything counts and as you think of it, keep your priorities straight.

While we are at it, in the morning, surround yourself with something positive and energetic. Something happy, funny and uplifting. There are so many blogs, posts, sketches and countless other ways to make you get your happy on. Search for it the night before and get it ready for the next morning, so the first thing you read as you turn on your computer is that happy thoughts.

We all should wake up with happy thoughts and even more so, read them throughout our day. So stay with that happy glance and be sure to maintain it throughout your day.

Start your day with the most important task: If you are at work and got a million things to do, or you have tons of errands to run… start with the most important and even tedious, as this will make your day feel lighter and easier. You will feel better with what you have achieved and more confident as you move forward with your day, as you already started with the hard part.

Go slow and work hard, take a break and work out: All at the same time. As we stated before, balance is everything. In other words, you are able to do it all. When you slow down, your stress level is down and you are able to focus on your task in mind. Not only that, yet you are able to work on it with more clarity.

Take a break from work, either to do some kind of extra social activity outside of work, or have constant breaks at work. Once an hour, hour and half… take it easy. And as you take a break from work or those errands, you can try working out. We don’t want you to look like The Rock or anything like that, just take some care of your health to boost your energy and hormone levels. Don’t like the gym? Go to work either by bike or walk around, take a walk once or twice a week. Even when you wake up early, you can take better advantage of your day and push forward with the rest you have going on.

More on this happy momentum:

Spread the happy: Give one truthful compliment, one. Give it to anyone you please. Your loved ones, your bus driver, your boss, your pets, your next-door neighbor. Tell them something good, something that will make them go into a happy place.

It can be anything you can think of, invest in them, let them know you appreciate them. The moment you spread that positive vibe around, you automatically get happier by the moment. Seriously, it is one of the best things you can do to get into your happy place.

Another cool tip for you Flyers,

Do the right thing!

Stand up for yourself, keep your word, keep your own promises, work for it, step by step. And after getting your own balance, be sure to cheer someone else on. Do a random act of kindness, get started in that ever longing project that you have been planning on forever, challenge your life, do what it takes to make you a happier person.

It starts with you.

These are just a few things that can empower your day and your mind. Be strong, be brave, be you and just take it easy. All things will come and be sure to keep that happy momentum going. Do these or do some of your own, that is what life is all about.

What do you do every day that makes you happy? Let us know and we will love to hear from you. If you think this post will be great for someone, hit that share button and let them know. After all, being happy is what life is all about.

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