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Welcome darlings!

As you know it is Wednesday and with this comes #GoDoFly.

Today as a start we want to tell you more what you can expect and love from this movement.

We wanted to start this movement because throughout all the times we have been writing, we have encountered so many positive thoughts and stories. We have found out that so many friends, followers, and fans (beautiful F words!) have overcome true stories in so many ways and forms. We sure love to spread the good word around, so we decided that it was time to give you a voice too.

Apart from our regular Saturday tips, we wanted to hear your stories loud and clear. Being part of this movement means that you have had some tough rocks thrown your way and you have tamed them with great ability. Not only that, it also brings out the fact that you are also overcoming this rocky road and are willing to share your story to help others.

The Always Believer, as new as it may be, is willing to expand far,wide and beyond. The founder started this page out to write her own motivational posts, to share her own stories and to encourage more people. She is also a life coach, you will be able to chat with her soon with that news!

Why #GoDoFly?

#Go- Go Live Your Dreams, Go For It, Go and make it possible.

#Do- Do it! Do whatever it takes to get to your goal. Do it every day, do it with care, do it as much as you can, do.

#Fly- Fly away, fly high, fly long, fly wherever your heart takes you.

There are so many reasons why #GoDoFly works. There are so many stories that inspires us, there are so many types of goals out there. We want to encourage you with other real stories, for you to be able to see that there is still a way to make your life better.

How does it work?

As soon as you want to participate, send us an email. We will write back as soon as we can asking you questions related to your story. All words will be your own – but stories may be abridged.

If you want to participate with your story, if you want to share a powerful speech with us, send us an email at:

Give us some details of your story and we will contact you on the rest!

Further on, World Creators, as we continue to grow and prosper, be sure to check out the rest of the novelties:

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Get ready for take off!

#GoDoFly- Spread the Love, Spread the Word

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