Getting there (From my book To Always Believe)


Chapter one: Getting there

(Earlier) morning:

Let´s stretch it out and smile again to be alive one more day. Let´s get to it and get ready. First button, the usual, music. Some great tunes to start the day. I pour some orange juice and treat myself to a croissant. Into the shower and back out again, picked an outfit that makes me not only look good but makes me feel amazing. As I stare out the window to see the deep blue magic sea, I log online for fifteen and update all my social networks to spread my usual cheer. Before I leave, my mandatory, play pet time with my cats and hug them ever so tightly.

And I am off! Here I go! The trip, either short or long, it always speaks my language and smile.

Early morning:

Just arrived! Ok! Let´s do this! Let´s ring that bell.

Hello! How are you? I am doing really good, thank you. I knew you were going to ask, like an automatic chip that we all have inserted to be polite. Humans, right? How we work and how we communicate without telling each other the whole truth. I mean, I´m am here looking at you and just the few minutes that we have been in this hallway, I can sense your inner thoughts that are floating by aren´t the best in mind. I am happy you called me.

How´s my business going? Don´t go start changing the subject on me this quick! Ha. In this case, it saves you because it is important to my story. My business is doing amazing. It took off a couple of months after the start. I love motivating people for a living. I love seeing people of all ages reach their goals and know how to live life happier. And most of all, I love that I helped them a step of the way. No matter how brief or long it could have been. You know me a little, you know how much I love to put a smile on everyone´s face. And now, you will know me like a true friend. After all, I want to be brave in telling my story in order to get to others. And as you see me in this hallway, I am happy to share it.

Is it easy? It wasn´t at the start. It´s that simple. Nonetheless, I got to the conclusion that occurrences in life is as hard as you make it out to be. You are as brave or as weak as you want to be. You got that right, it´s all about a state of mind and how you handle things. Now, that´s the tricky part. Everything, ever since we were a child has affected us in a one way or another, either big or small. In order to change something, not only do we have to locate it but mainly want to change it. All these little tips of advice, you know them. I know you do. I know that you are carrying them away since your mind is stuck in one place. That´s where I come in. As long as you want me to, got it?

Oh! Thanks for inviting me in. And letting me get all comfortable. It´s going to be an adventure of day or two. I am flattered that you called me up. As you told me by phone, things weren´t looking right for you, things were a little off. It´s been a while since you´ve been down in the dumps and not feeling any way to get back up. I am sorry to hear that. Whatever you´re dealing with, it will all be ok. Life goes on. And I know, easier said than done. That is why I am here today, darling. Thanks to you and that you called, I will let you in. It feels like you need a story with a happy ending and me, well, it always helps to spread it all out there all over again. Mainly if it is to help. You´re a good friend, you know that right? You´re going to be ok, after all, you did the bravest thing, which was call for a helping hand.

My life is very well put together right now. It hasn´t always been this way. And man, it was a long way here. It was as long as I wanted it to be of course and to tell you even bigger truer news, everything happens for a reason. Wait, that´s right! You have no idea how my life has been or how I got here. I´m going to start from the start, it´s the only way this will work. I am also thrilled you like stories because you are in for a good one.

I hope that everything will be just as you needed in this moment. As I will walk you through my story and my life lessons, feel free to take a pause or ask me and even yourself. You see, the way this works right now is that I am going to explain you my life story. As you listen, you can ask questions. As you listen, we can stop and debate or talk it out. Right now, as you told me, you have nothing to say. Or at least you feel like it. I bet you do have quite a lot to say, darling. You just need to give yourself time and space to do so. Listen to your inner soul and what it wants. After, I´m done, whenever that is, it´s all about you. That´s when it´s your turn. 


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