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Hello dear readers and amazing fans!

Proud to present the third runner-up for the third Glipher’s Award. It is a pleasure to announce that I got this one. It is an honor to be nominated, my name is up there with other great bloggers and writers. There were people who nominated me for many reasons. These people, just like you, that read my every word, that your eyes adore every quirky sentence and that thanks to those clicks of shares, my words expand in the online world.

I am beyond words, just extremely happy as I continue to bring to you a more positive outlook on life. Thank you to all those who voted, to those who share, to those that keep me believing in me. Thank you!!!

They interviewed me with great random questions, something I am all about and most of all, described in the nicest way possible. Be sure to check out Glipho’s fourth Glipher’s Award, you can vote your favorite and share them in all your social media.

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The Always Believer

This Glipher has to be the one with the most positive outlook on Glipho. At least we haven’t read anything with more positive vibes so far. She has come through live experiences – good and bad – and has decided at one point to approach life with a positive attitude. Not only that, but she is sharing these with us. No matter how blue or happy you feel, the posts on her Glipho account and website will make you feel even better. So head over and check it out.




It is time to introduce you to another runner up of the 3rd GLIPHER’s AWARD . Yes, we had a few of them. And there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone nominated deserved it – for one all of the nominated Gliphers are active members of our Glipho community. All of them are great writers / posters / bloggers in their chosen areas – and to top it all off: they all had followers that cared enough about them to actually nominate them.

But enough waffling on. Let us introduce you to

                          thealwaysbeliever aka Ariadna

Not only is thealwaysbeliever one of the most positive people here on Glipho, no, she got a beautiful name too.

Ariadna – doesn’t it just role of your tongue? It is as beautiful a name as her posts are written. If she is anymore positive in her outlook on life and the posts she is writing you would have to hate her. But she is finding the right balance in spreading happiness and positive thoughts drawn from her own experiences and stories she hears / reads that it makes any blue go away.

One just can’t be a grumpy so-and-so when reading what she is writing. You haven’t read anything from thealwaysbeliever yet? Well, go and check out her Glipho Accountor her blog. Lots of good feel reads there.

Ah, we are gushing again. Go and check her posts out and you will know why. And without anything further on this, here are Ariadna’s answers to our questions:

(1) You hear the doorbell ring.  You know it’s your best friend asking you to look after their NIGHTMARE of a kid AGAIN for the 3rd time this week. What will you do?

Being that it is my best friend, I would babysit her kid. As a teacher, (apart from active entrepreneur and writer!) I am used to bad behaved kids and do my best to whip into shape. However it is the parent´s duty to educate them with manners and more. I would do my best to talk to my best friend hoping for the best scenario possible. After all, if we can´t be sincere with each other, what´s the point of the rest? 

(2) What one toy would you like to throw repeatedly at a brick wall?

I would go for a ball. I am not big into destroying things even though there are quite a few toys I don´t like. Therefore, smashing them against the wall would lead to breaking them. That being said, ball please! That would keep me entertained for a while. 

(3) Cat, Dog, Fish, Bird, Other?

Cat! I love animals yet we have a winner when it comes to me. From my tattoo, to my friend´s cats and of course to any cat I have owned,I adore them and want them forever in my life. Cats all the way!

(4) What is the scariest scene you remember from a kid’s movie?

From when I was a child? Probably The Lion King´s scene of Scar letting go of Mufasa. From recent films? Any Disney movie, I love them all but they have such a tragic opening or storyline. That is what makes it real too though. It really is similar to what I am doing with my work now, people who overcame obstacles with a positive attitude. Back to the question, there is probably more scenes yet I am going to stick to these. (Can you tell I am a huge Disney fan?)

(5) If you were given 100 Minions (see the film Despicable Me 1 and 2), what would you task them to do?

I love this question! I am a huge fan of these movies! Ok, the task I would give them would be to give a hug to everyone they see. I didn´t think about this one too much. I just love spreading random acts of kindness and this would be a really awesome and adorable one. Seriously, you should see the movie or just see the minions. Totally huggable! 

(6) What would you rather be?

(a) Famous singer
(b) Famous actor
(c) Famous writer
(d) A potato

Famous writer! The fact that I am able to reach people with my words, with what I love to do, is really powerful to know. That is something that I want to achieve. And in other news, I love acting and have acted before. I still would love to be an actress at some point. Who knows?

(7) You have a splitting headache – Do you take:

(a) A glass of water and a spoonful of tolerance, or

(b) “Drugs Please!  What century do you live in?”

A all the way! Water and patience. I am not a huge fan of medicine in general. I seldom take pills for a headache, it doesn´t even come across my mind. So, all in all, water, patience and rest. 

(8) What one word is fun to say?

Apple and pencils! Say them repeatedly. To this, I must add, it is an inside joke with my sister since we were about 12 years old. It stuck to me since then. 

(9) What are you more afraid of ?

(a) Ghosts / Zombies
(b) In-Bred Hillbilly Murderers
(c) Creepy Crawlies
(d) Your next door neighbour
(e) or your government
(f) Other
(g) None of the above, I am fearless

I want to go for fearless. Sure, as we grow we become more afraid. I was looking at the murderer option and even the government one. This goes back down to how I am. I overcame experiences, I spoke up and became stronger. I want to live my life as fearless as I can so I can live it to the fullest. 

(10) What two words come to mind when you hear the word “white”?

Free and clean. The quickest answer yet. 


That was another very enjoyable read of the answers. So balanced and happy it made us smile while reading it. We hope you enjoyed it as well and it has made you more curious about this great and so happy glipher that you have now decided to check outAriadna’s Glipho Account.


To use Charlie Croker’s words (Italian Job, Michael Caine):  “Hang on, lads [and lassies]; I’ve got a great idea.” And we do:  there is one more interview to come in the next days. So don’t give up on us.



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